Top 5 shooting games to go to the scene on the mobile platform

Top 5 shooting games to go to the scene on the mobile platform

If you are both into role-playing games and love the slow shooting genre, then don’t miss the opportunity to experience the following 5 online mobile games!

Top 5 shooting games to go to the scene on the mobile platform

Eternal Frontier builds a vast world, leading players to explore a completely different planet and experience a fictional storyline, shown on a new advanced graphics platform. combined with innovative breakthrough gameplay mechanics, integrating both RPG and FPS elements.

In terms of gameplay content activities, Vinh Hang Bien Canh builds a large world without borders for players to freely explore and fight. Through the process of killing monsters, players can earn reputation points in exchange for advanced equipment. The subsystem and Boss are richly built, and at the same time bring all kinds of rewards and valuable resources every time the player successfully passes through the door. Along with a series of PVE activities, the game also features guilds and PVP-based missions, requiring players to enter the battlefield and confront each other to complete.

Delicate Fire Line is set in the future world, humanity explores the universe and encounters dangers like alien monsters, through a modern graphics platform, players will experience Experience an attractive shooting mechanism, using a variety of weapons and even powerful giant robots.

Participating in this game, players can manipulate controls with virtual keys similar to many ARPG products. In which the character can freely move, discharge bullets at the monster and change the attack with the main or secondary weapon, combining with special tactical skills such as jumping or calling the robot to help.

The system of each level in the game Delicate Fire Line is also built with a variety of traps, challenging Boss fights, requiring players to use jumps at the right time to avoid attacks, or save the number of summons. people and secondary weapons for when needed.

In addition, Delicate Fire Line also promises to bring many types of gameplay in both PVE and PVP aspects, such as MOBA, flag robbery, survival, zombies in later stages for players to explore.

War of Space and Time builds a fantasy setting mixed with interesting sci-fi elements, and offers a unique cartoon-style graphic experience, combining action-packed combat mechanics. Horizontal screen shooter, has a variety of skills, character growth and modern MOBA form.

The control mechanism in the Time of Space and Commerce is not much different from other ARPG products on the mobile platform, players will quickly get used to the virtual keys on the screen only. The game’s game screen system is designed to be rich and diverse, bringing many challenges to players such as the number of monsters, special Bosses, and at the same time, there is a climbing terrain layout or a very flying screen. attractive.

Besides, Time and Space Trade also created many PVE and PVP activities including attractive 1vs1 or 3vs3 forms for players to experience. Of course, the best is still the challenging PVE content, players need to form a team to conquer together, helping to bring a casual feel that is both fun and challenging.

Confidentiality uses TPS combat mechanism, the player controls through virtual keys on the screen including the left scroll lever and the right attack key similar to the ARPG style. The character will move in a complete 3D environment, can conduct mass shootings in all directions, and use character skills and secondary weapons.

And of course conquering the sub will be the main form of experience in the game, so the developer has to invest effort to build all kinds of transformative subs, including all kinds of dangerous traps that require interaction. for players to pass in a calculated way, but not indiscriminately.

The task for each sub-version is also rich depending on the plot details, sometimes it’s defense, sometimes it’s to beat the Boss so that we don’t get bored. Moreover, the design of the system of enemies and Boss also has a richness in size and ability to attack, promising to bring obstacles to players.

Contra game monument continues to be revived by two world giants, Konami and Tencent Games, with a new version called Contra Returns. Accordingly, this is still a shooting game and will keep the traditional features of the old versions with the familiar horizontal scrolling gameplay.

But instead of just 2 characters like the original Bill and Lance, there are now 11 characters for players to choose from in Contra Returns. Each character in the game has their own unique skills, the player has the task of developing and equipping them with powerful military weapons.

Another really impressive feature of Contra Returns is the large amount of game content and experiential methods drawn from traditional online games, including Boss hunting, PvP, endless tower defense, co- op…

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