Things to know about coolmax poly material

Things to know about coolmax poly material

Coolmax poly fabric is often mentioned a lot about its windproof and waterproof effect. But do you really understand them or not? Then let’s learn about them through this article.

Things to know about coolmax poly material

1. What is coolmax poly fabric?

Coolmax is a product of a blend of polyester fibers. And as the name implies, this “maximum cooling” fabric is absorbent and completely dry. Make the user feel cool and comfortable.

Coolmax fabric is specially designed, bringing more advantages in terms of dryness compared to natural fibers. Therefore, it is often applied to sports clothing products. With the effect of cooling, reducing humidity (dryness), helping to regulate and balance body temperature.

2. Characteristics of coolmax poly yarn

CoolMax yarn does not have a circular cross-section like cotton or other natural fibers. It has a slightly flattened shape and has a micro-sized notch (slot) running along the fiber body. Usually forms a pentagon or a hexagon. This special fiber structure allows coolmax fabric to dry at least 2 times faster than cotton.

Fabrics manufactured in a tetrachannel or hexachannel pattern allow moisture or liquids to be absorbed quickly. Moisture seeps through the fabric through these channels (grooves). And out to a larger surface area for a greater evaporation rate. It also allows air to move in to keep your body feeling cooler and drier.

3. Advantages of coolmax poly fabric

Coolmax fabric is very light, soft on the skin and very absorbent. Unlike other fibers, Coolmax is a fabric that is excellent at preventing the process of “condensation” of sweat. Eliminate discomfort and cold for users. Keeps your body dry, feeling cool and fresh, helps prevent odor, prevents the risk of blisters. The fabric doesn’t fade, shrinks well and never wrinkle, so it doesn’t need ironing either. Fabric is easy to wash, easy to clean, does not deform when washed and dries very quickly. Coolmax fabric is very durable, more durable than Merino wool. This fabric is very easy to fold neatly, does not take up space and reflects light quite well.

4. Cons of Coolmax fabric

Like other polyester fabrics, Coolmax is quite flammable and has a relatively low melting point (~255°C). Therefore, Coolmax as well as other polyesters is limited. Or prohibited for use in high fire hazard environments. Such as fire fighting and frontline combat. Acrylic and rayon fabrics also share this disadvantage.

5. Coolmax fabric’s absorption and cooling process

As you know, coolmax fabric is mainly used for sportswear and climbing wear. It is now mixed with natural fibers for a wider, more popular application. For underwear, pajamas and streetwear too. Therefore, this fabric is chosen by many people to work, especially in the hot weather of summer.

6. How to store

Coolmax fabric is easy to wash, easy to dry and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to worry too much about preserving this fabric. You should wash them with warm water is best. Just wash with normal detergent. Do not use strong detergents for Coolmax fabrics. When drying, you should dry coolmax fabric clothes in a shady place, avoiding too harsh sunlight. Coolmax material is inherently wrinkle-free, so it is not necessary to iron it, but if you want to iron it, set it to the lowest setting. Coolmax material is very easy to fold, so when you store it, you won’t take up much space for them.

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