The world of accessories in dolce and gabbana’s fall-winter 2021 collection

The world of accessories in dolce and gabbana's fall-winter 2021 collection

Throughout the #DGNextChapter collection, the early-technology vibe has become the guiding spirit for the young generation’s bold statement and personal creations. Dolce & Gabbana does not blindly focus on machines, but asserts them – as accessories, adorning the brilliant history of human discovery. “Fashion has always been the result of merging worlds separate in both time and space. If robots are born to serve the needs and passions of people, then of course all will be partners that coexist and stand side by side,” said Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana about the inspiration in the designs. his design.

The world of accessories in dolce and gabbana’s fall-winter 2021 collection

Taking the concept of More is More as a fulcrum, the Italian fashion house has brought a new “interface” to its designs of bags, glasses, shoes and jewelry with a breath from the 90s , hedonistic. and excitement. Everything is like a continuation of the movie from the old VHS screen, flickering but full of nostalgia about the first human space trips and recollections from the movie legend – Star Wars .

Starting with their travel “bags”, Dolce & Gabbana refreshed iconic bags like the 3.5 and Sicily with sleek and striking Strobo calf leather. At the same time, the Bella bag was born with a unique rectangular shape and a luxurious gold-plated buckle. The reflective color scheme from the electronic circuit board is an interaction between the brand’s signature aesthetic and the world of modern technology.

Dolce & Gabbana’s message for this collection is a space of experimentation and innovation. Back at the time of the new 5D technology, the two-color glasses were the tools to help us witness a world of vivid and realistic graphics. The Italian fashion house also uses large futuristic glasses with gilded metal details and transparent gradient effects to bring the current time and space into the old “filter”.

Inspired get the atmosphere of the ’60s , when people are fumbling steps into the realm pristine electronic and digital devices, sunglasses mask named Next Generation design Avant-garde as a Challenge new limits. D&G has folded the gap between the past and the future, bringing the viewer’s perspective to a space created by technology.

Entering a new era, the Italian fashion house fused Jackie heels and high-heeled Cardinale boots to create a bold asymmetry that breaks the rules. The hybrid shoe design with a chunky heel covered in glossy calfskin with a hologram effect represents the liberal ego that is increasingly blooming on the social networking space of the young generation.

Hi-Trekking boots were born as an interesting addition between prejudice and artistic ideals. D&G cleverly decorates thick boots with a “loud” rock rhythm with delicate and luxurious pearl chains of the old classic. Besides, the sneakers are also covered with a playful tone welcoming the future with colorful and iridescent nylon covers.

It would not be possible to complete a unified whole called Dolce & Gabbana without splendid jewelry. The design of the leather cage and mother of pearl inserts the chain necklace typical of street hip hop culture into the symphony, affirming the tradition and the modernity connected by the DG logo.

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