Lewis Hamilton is back with 2 questions to answer

Lewis Hamilton is back with 2 questions to answer

Just one short line but Lewis Hamilton has F1 fans feeling delighted. After nearly 2 months of “disappearance”, locking social media accounts, Hamilton returned to the same status line on Twitter and Instagram to announce his decision.

Lewis Hamilton is back with 2 questions to answer

“I went. Now I’m back,” wrote the British driver, and of course, the happiest was the Mercedes team, although before that, they seemed quite confident that he would be a part of the 2022 season.

Exactly 56 days, Hamilton has been completely silent on social networks since losing the 2021 season championship to Max Verstappen. The seven-time world champion was just one lap away from his own 8th wonder in Abu Dhabi, but ended up losing to team rival Red Bull in a controversial way.

The 36-year-old driver’s silence then led to speculation that he might retire from his career because of disappointment. That is even more grounded when that long silence led to news about the possibility of Mercedes having to find a replacement.

Not only on social networks, Hamilton has also been seen in public, when he accompanied Baby Driver actor Ansel Engort in New York City.

At this point, Hamilton’s future was clear, Mercedes later confirmed his presence in the squad, but for this individual driver, he will also have 2 questions.

First, and most importantly, is what your car will look like. Hamilton was selected to race in the Mercedes W13 but it has been reported that the “Silver Arrow” is not entirely satisfied with his current car.

Obviously, speed is of the essence in F1. And Hamilton will want his new car as quickly as possible as he wants to prevent Verstappen from winning a second straight title.

Second, the British driver will also want to know the outcome of the FIA ​​investigation. The Mercedes team is still very angry with Michael Masi’s decision in the Abu Dhabi race, so the F1 leadership is put under scrutiny. The FIA ​​is currently conducting an investigation into whether Masi was right or wrong with its decision.

Toto Wolff, has criticized the F1 boss, with the leader of the Mercedes team recently making demands. He told Auto Motor und Sport: “I expect actions and not just words. In sports, we can’t be so free when there are rules.

Before the start of the new season, there must be clarity on the rules so that every driver, team and fan knows what is allowed and what is not. In the end, we provide entertainment, but no decision should be made to break the rules for the sake of the show.”

Wolff also suggested Mercedes will work with the FIA ​​to look to the future. Lewis, me and the whole team were disillusioned. We love this sport because it’s honest. The chronograph never lies,” explains Wolff, “But if we break the basic principle of fairness and the chronograph is no longer relevant, then you doubt the sport.

That’s all you do. Blood, sweat, tears you shed but nothing in return. It will take a long time to digest it. I don’t think we’re going to ignore that, especially Lewis as a driver.

At least we can try together with the FIA ​​to do better in the future.”

While Mercedes has confirmed Hamilton’s participation, the driver will personally make the final decision once the results are announced.

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