Extra cold season fashion with stylish quilted items

Extra cold season fashion with stylish quilted items

Even though they have been around for a long time, quilted items have not yet won the spotlight because of their somewhat boring “bulky” appearance. However, the supremacy of maximalism has freed up the fear of size, promoting the absolute for “extra” mixes. This is the perfect time for a dramatic comeback of “soft” quilted items, the perfect statement of a unique and “trendy” winter style.

Extra cold season fashion with stylish quilted items

The cold at the end of the year is no longer an obstacle to dress well when quilted “players” quickly join the trend. Opaque motifs are present on every fashion front regardless of style, material or color. To refresh the year-end mix, the “on trend” quilted mini skirt these days will pair perfectly with a simple sweater or shirt . If you want to be more stylish, you can give the A- line midi skirt a chance to create a feminine mix in a different way.

For the girls who pursue the dynamic athleisure style , the open-minded umbrella has mastered the rhythm in the collab with sporty items such as overalls or jogger pants. Because of the inherent swelling, you can choose shirts with a tighter shape to balance the whole set.

If you are afraid of the cold but still want to play the role of a stylish French girl, a dark long coat will help you transform into a fashion movie set in the city of light Paris. The “chemical reaction” between luxurious leather and unique fabrics has dispelled the harsh judgment of the aesthetics of quilted items in the past. Depending on the color scheme you choose, you can customize your mix to a bright sweet or classic elegance.

The winter table cannot be without accessories that can both keep warm and satisfy beauty needs. The quilting trend “landed” on the ladies’ hands in the “luxury” version of the gloves. This improvement not only does not lose the inherent haughtiness of the gloves, but also highlights the new fashion.

In addition to Bottega Veneta ‘s mule shoe design that has “stormed” all summer, the winter trend chart is welcoming the appearance of “oversized” boots. The quilting technique makes every movement of the stylish girls softer as well as brings endless attraction from two opposite beauties.

To make quilting more than just a winter concept, the rise of pillow-like “soft” handbags is the answer to soft cotton layers. Although the filling pattern is already so classic on handbag designs, when replacing the expensive leather with parachute or nylon to maximize the degree of stretch, every familiar design is as if “rejuvenated” with a new look. the mischievous look is more adorable.

The endless fascination with quilted items is visualized in comfortable, effortless outfits. You will like to bring the whole charming cozy bedroom breath to each destination space. Sometimes no splendor is needed, the dense appearance of “bulky” designs is enough to signal warm meetings at the end of the year. It’s time to rock the fashion mix with the quilting trend in a variety of styles and colors from outfits to accessories.


Debuting at a time when the K-pop music market is increasingly saturated, aespa quickly left an impression on the audience when pursuing a unique sci-fi concept. Not only that, to match this cyberpunk image, the everyday fashion of all four girls also blends modern and youthful features with the individual spirit of Gen Z. Despite the harsh winters in Korea, chilly winds have created space for aespa to unleash their creativity with trendy fashion items.

If the cardigan is always called out every Fall-Winter, the short-sleeved crop top seems to be often grouped with summer items. However, with eye-catching colors and rich textured gameplay, the aespa girls brought a very good combination of these two seemingly unfamiliar items. Just choose a pair of long pants or a monochrome skirt, and you’re ready to go down the street with a dynamic, trendy look.

Covered with luxurious leather, the elegant blazer design has completely transformed into a very personal shirt with bold statement of the young generation. Although not pursuing a dusty style, aespa still “falls in love” with this shirt style and puts them in streamlined mixes with basic colors such as white or black. Don’t forget to complete the mix with accents from metal chain accessories to contribute to highlighting the bold identity of Gen Z’s fashion thinking.

If the “chic” tunic has a visual offensive effect that adds an “expensive” look to any of your outfits, the short fleece with a leaner silhouette adds warmth. Warm, comfortable for cold days. Despite the paradoxes, the aespa girls often break the weather limit by combining “cool” fur coats and two-piece dresses .

To cleverly show off the ant’s waist in the chilly winds, aespa favorably chooses trendy long-sleeve crop tops . This is one of the “nail” items of the new winter fashion trend because of the flexibility in the mixes. Even without investing too much in color or material, the long-sleeve crop top still shows off its capabilities with a graceful accent coming from the wearer’s waist.

The design of high-heeled boots that hug the calves not only creates a “hacking” effect that lengthens the legs, but also helps aespa “conquer” the style inspired by the “graphics” world. This is exactly an item “borrowed” from the wardrobe of virtual characters in the game with a surreal physique and a futuristic outfit. To “realize” the mixes with high-knee boots, the girls often combine them with high-waisted shorts or tight jeans.

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