CREATORY and Misthy create their own world through short film 2ND LIFE

CREATORY and Misthy create their own world through short film 2ND LIFE

Movies that are set in the gaming world have been around for a long time, and the return of game-based movies is gradually becoming a trend of the international GenZ generation. Capturing the trend and the desire to create pioneering value for the gaming community in Vietnam, Misthy and Creatory have released their first film that combines the real world and in-game.

CREATORY and Misthy create their own world through short film 2ND LIFE

Will the protagonist’s aura save Misthy?

In the role of a female coder who is with MR.10, Thach, Thanh, and Kenjumboy experiencing the game, the opening scene of the movie is action scenes, gun battles won’t be won thanks to the main character’s aura. However, later on, the more irregularities were revealed…

The real chase begins when a sudden announcement appears revealing a chance to win a jackpot prize of up to billion dollars. Unable to miss the opportunity, Misthy and her teammates drew up a detailed plan ready to enter. Who would have thought that, from that moment on, the group’s life took a completely different direction!

Eager to win, blood “eating a lot” has obscured the red warning points of this game from the very beginning. Only when infiltrating the bank, did the group of “reward hunters” realize that “out of blood” in the game, which means “hit” in real life.

The situation is getting more and more advanced as the truth is gradually revealed. Is it possible that Misthy is the one who created this bank but intentionally erased the memory of the code? Did the traitors try to change the code to “imprison” the partners who were born and died? Will Misthy and her teammates have a chance to return to the real world?

Not only taking on the main role, Misthy also plays an important role in coming up with ideas with the whole team in building the story and script of the film, helping everyone have a new and interesting perspective on the movie. the making of a movie that combines reality and games.

The “boss” behind this opening shot is CREATORY – Create a story, a company specializing in providing intelligent content solutions. Taking advantage of the social distancing period with the desire to create a new wind for the gaming community in Vietnam, the CREATORY team has “digitized” both in content creation. This step can be considered quite reckless at the beginning because the CMO of CREATORY brought the topic and pushed it to reality in just 1-2 months.

The advantage is that because working in a game environment, the limit on ideas is broken, members can freely create. From majestic and unique scenes such as yachts and caves, to chaotic racing on the highway, swimming on the seabed, falling from an airplane, … are all possible.

The production team is also fully capable of adjusting the weather, time, scenery, even… the characters, making the filmmaking extremely proactive. However, to give birth to the first child, the CREATORY family also overcomes many “obstacles”.

First, breaking into a completely new field and perhaps the first, having complete control over the game world and environment is also a challenge.

Filming in the game world often encounters a lot of technical problems because the environment and the world in the game are not perfect, thereby creating a lot of large and small errors that affect the recording process such as synchronization errors. , image errors, system errors… Although we tried to build each person’s personality and talking style, it looked very different, with extreme emotions, internal contradictions and difficult to express like real actors. . In return, the “listening part” has a clear score with the intense background music that effectively complements the tempo of the movie, the dialogue is charming and the voiceover is meticulously polished.

Although ideal, the technological environment also has certain limitations, so making the most of the game’s resources to produce beautiful but error-free footage can also be quite challenging.

According to statistics, there are about 2.6 billion people playing games in the world, equivalent to the probability that 1 in 3 people you meet is a gamer. If you are a “people” in the gaming world, and looking for new entertainment spices this holiday season, surely 2ND LIFE will be an option not to be missed.

That mission took me to a house on the street. The map of the game is larger, including 3 houses, 2 farms, 1 school (very large) and a mental hospital (both large and complex). Our team has dealt with the crime scene here before, and it didn’t take long to discover the kid’s bedroom in this house is where ghosts often haunt.

As we were preparing our tools, the siren of the car in the garage suddenly blared. Two of the team immediately went down to check, while the rest continued to work on setting up the tools needed for the task. They turned off the sirens and used walkie-talkies to meet us at the front door. Then the lights in the house suddenly flashed out, and we heard the door lock…

I quickly hid inside the closet. After about 1 or 2 minutes or so, 3 people in the team met again, but 1 person died in the hallway. We quickly went back to the car to get more tools and returned to the children’s bedroom. While setting up the necessary things, the siren blared again. 2 of my friends went downstairs to turn it off, while I stayed on to get some work done.

After finishing my work, I ran to the door and was surprised to find that my breath was frozen in front of me. I heard my heart pounding loudly, the lights started blinking again, and the silhouette of a child flashed past my eyes. What happens next, you can only imagine. However, once dead, you can see and hear your surviving teammates from a strange world. You can clearly see the ghosts at the scene, but you are not allowed to interfere or do anything with them.

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