A gamer made the community admire when he turned all League of Legends champions into magic cards Yu-Gi-Oh

A gamer made the community admire when he turned all League of Legends champions into magic cards Yu-Gi-Oh

As an extremely popular game, League of Legends has long owned a lot of loyal fans. Therefore, products such as music , cosplay , entertainment videos , souvenirs … related to League of Legends have received great attention from gamers.

A gamer made the community admire when he turned all League of Legends champions into magic cards Yu-Gi-Oh

And recently, a League of Legends player made the community admire when he turned all the generals of this game into magic cards Yu-Gi-Oh ! Gamer with account “supertom” shared on Gamer.com forum that it took him 3 years to complete the collection of 306 cards at a cost of about 6000 yuan (more than 21 million VND). ).

According to this player’s share, the most difficult stage in the process of completing the cards is to think of effects and stats for each character. Moreover, when there is a remastered champion, this guy has to come up with a new card to match that character. Besides, this guy also said that tweaking the image and font size of each card also takes a lot of time to perfect.

Gamer nicknamed “supertom” also shared that this is a personal collection and he is very proud to have completed it. In addition, this gamer also does not want to get into trouble related to the image copyright of Yu-Gi-Oh! as well as League of Legends. Therefore, these cards are not products for exchange or business. After the collection of “supertom” was shared on the league-funny.com forum, the community couldn’t help but admire the enthusiasm and perseverance of this guy.

The ultimate revenge of the wife: Bringing her husband’s entire “inheritance” to auction after he had an affair, earning a profit that scared everyone!

Stories about women handling adultery are shared on social media . Normally, wives can immediately announce their breakup, get jealous or even make their husbands feel bad after everything that has happened.

Recently, a wife came up with a very unique way of handling her husband’s adultery and also caused many obsessions.

Accordingly, on April 10, on Yahoo Japan , an auction caused a stir. The wife announced to sell all the collection of YU-GI-OH cards that her husband had collected over the years to avenge his adultery.

The woman also emphasized that she herself did not know anything about the collection, but at least in her home, they were well packed, dust-free and brand new, never opened.

“If the price is right, I’ll be happy to sell,” the woman explained as she posted the item. The starting price she offered was only 1 yen (200 VND).

Its description is also clearly stated: “Product sold for the first time. A wife decided to sell it because her husband was having an affair. All of these are unopened.”

This is clearly a real “blockbuster” on Japanese social networks . In Japan, there are many people who are obsessed with collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

For connoisseurs, what the above husband has is equal to a great fortune. Yet the wife decided to auction it off with a starting price of just 1 yen. Perhaps, she didn’t know what she was selling.

After a few days, the auction price skyrocketed to 6,910,000 yen (more than 14 billion VND). These are cards from the first generation of Yu-Gi-Oh. They are very rare and of great value to collectors.

Many people may not know it, but the value of rare cards can be sold for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yen in Japan. According to a price list of the card shop here in 2020, the price of the Black Magic Girl card is 4.2 million yen (nearly 9 billion dong).

That said, the value of the entire package of super rare cards that the wife sells makes it impossible to predict what the final price collectors can spend. Many people speculate that it will probably be paid up to 10 million yen (21 billion dong).

It is known that the auction of the wife will end on April 18.

There are many ways to punish your husband for cheating. However, implementing the method of always hitting the husband’s hobbies like this wife must have scared everyone.

That said, it’s better not to do bad things. If the husband did not have an affair, the wife would not be able to sell cards like that.

The situation is opposite when one wife has to go with the other’s husband to the hotel to shake hands with her husband/wife to commit adultery. The clip immediately after being posted online received attention and caused mixed controversy.

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