UNDECEMBER PC graphics for top quality

UNDECEMBER PC graphics for top quality

Published by Line Games and produced by Needs Games, UNDECEMBER cross-platform action RPG launches January 13, 2022. The game releases for iOS/Android/PC. Recently, the Korean game company has released a video introducing the PC version with improved image quality before and after, bringing surprise to players.

UNDECEMBER PC graphics for top quality

According to the game operator, this product uses Unreal Engine 4 to develop graphics, focusing on improving image quality and display levels to bring a satisfying experience to gamers.

Players can explore dungeons and try to combine combat against monsters in dark levels. In addition to the single-player PVE gameplay, this game can also team up with other players for multiplayer combat.

Of course, being a terrible game in terms of graphics, when playing the PC version you will have a more eye-catching experience with UNDECEMBER products. In addition, you can perform keyboard and mouse operations for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Players can explore the dungeons and try to combine more than hundreds of items and skills that can be obtained to create a character according to their own personality. In addition to the single-player PVE gameplay, this game can also team up with other players to challenge dungeons and even PVP, offering a variety of exciting multiplayer content.

UNDECEMBER by Line Games, South Korea, set in a dark fantasy world, players will embark on an adventurous journey to prevent the resurrection of the evil giant snake, while enjoying the excitement of suddenly Enter and destroy the enemy army.

Different from the traditional RPG game system, UNDECEMBER players can build and create their own unique characters in a unique style by crafting a variety of earned equipment.

NetEase’s ‘PUBG swordplay’ Naraka Bladepoint breaks the record again

NetEase’s 3-month-old battle royale game has sold over 6 million copies globally, making it one of the best-selling Chinese PC games ever. This is also a PC game product that helps Eastern culture to be popularized abroad.

Specifically, on November 10, Naraka Bladepoint officially sold 6 million copies after 90 days of launch, reaching a new sales record.

The game operator said, Naraka Bladepoint ranked 4th in the number of PC game players in the Chinese market. This game also reached the top 5 in terms of popularity of livestreaming on social networking platforms around the world.

Naraka Bladepoint game produced by 24 Entertainment, started testing on July 8, 2021. This sword battle royale game was officially launched on August 12, 2021.

Those who are playing in Naraka: Bladepoint can also receive an interesting gift instead of thanks from the publisher for this achievement of selling 6 million copies.

In a related development, 24 Entertainment has announced that it is working with the Museum of Ancient China Weapons Art to help restore the Equestrian Blade, a historic dagger with a horse-headed handle that originated in from the Western Zhou Dynasty. This knife will appear as a weapon in the game (adjustable to suit the game experience).

Infusing traditional cultural values ​​into games is a way for mainland game companies to popularize history and culture from ancient times. We know this from Kingsoft’s Sword of Love series or Softstar’s Fairy Sword Ky Hiep Story.

In Beijing, China, Intel announced that it has become the official partner of the Naraka Bladepoint game IP – a product from NetEase’s studio, 24 Entertainment.

This partnership marks the Core i7 processor as the officially recommended configuration for the role-playing game “PUBG martial arts” Eternal Life. This brings optimization to the game, giving players a better quality experience.

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