Townscaper The castle building game has a version on Steam

Townscaper The castle building game has a version on Steam

You can experience the PC version of Townscaper through Steam for a 10% discount. This is an extremely attractive castle building game. Townscaper is one of the games that have been loved by the international gaming community for the past few years. The product is released worldwide by Raw Fury.

Townscaper The castle building game has a version on Steam

Joining, players can quickly and easily build a city on the sea, creating “wonders” like in 3D animation with beautiful classic castles.

Townscaper is a product that helps us realize the idea of ​​​​creating a living space of our own accord. It’s not just a place to live, but it’s a wonder when there is an investment, combining structures with your imagination to create a unique architecture.

In the game, you can seamlessly stitch buildings together no matter what method you choose. This means it can add bridges, walkways, doors and windows as needed.

The game has recently been released for PC via Steam, after success from Android and iOS versions. Players have the opportunity to experience a richer and more diverse experience of a beautiful construction game full of fun.

During the game, you can refer to the constructions of your friends to develop your own space to be more complete.

Currently the game is sold for 72,000 VND, 10% discount for those who want to own the game. You can also refer to the machine configuration to play the game of Raw Fury.

The ‘father’ of PUBG left the company to set up his own studio

Brendan Greene will leave Krafton Game Union to form PlayerUnknown Productions – his own company specializing in game product development (early stage). Krafton will have a minority stake in this new studio of the “father” of PUBG.

Greene is best known as the creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG, which Krafton owns. Since its release in 2017, the game quickly created a global fever when bringing a new and unique gameplay.

The new studio was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – where he went to work while leaving the Krafton company in Korea. The product he developed brought a big change in the first-person shooter genre and generated more than $ 5.1 billion in revenue for the mobile version of PUBG later.

The PC and console versions have generated billions of dollars more in revenue with sales of more than 70 million by mid-2020.

Building on strength as the battle royale game grew, Krafton studio raised $3.75 billion in acquisitions. Krafton is currently valued at $16.5 billion in the market.

“I’m grateful to everyone at PUBG and Krafton for giving me the opportunity to develop my forte over the past four years,” Greene said in a statement. “Today, I’m excited to take the next step on my journey to creating the kind of experience I’ve been contemplating for years. Once again, I thank everyone at Krafton for supporting my plan and I will have more new projects for everyone.”

PlayerUnknown Productions is an independent development studio. The team is exploring systems to enable the production of open world games. When there is PUBG as a launching pad, in the future many people expect Greene’s small studio to bring more exciting new games.

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