Together with you to match each body shape

Together with you to match each body shape

Men often rarely focus on their appearance. For them, there are more things to worry about than taking care of their appearance. However, no matter what, you should also know the secret to the right arrangement.

Together with you to match each body shape

1.Men with good body shape – A well-balanced body

Of course, for people with a fit body, a standard figure. They don’t have much trouble choosing their outfits. Most of the models are suitable for them. Whether it’s loose- fitting or body-hugging shirts , the style changes help them highlight the beauty of the body. They hardly need to spend any time or effort on this problem at all.

2. Men are fat and short

For men of modest height and fat body. You should choose for yourself T-shirts that are larger than your body size to cover your fat belly. In addition, among a variety of colors, gentlemen should still choose for themselves neutral and dark colors . This will help you slim down much more. Besides, short guys should also choose shirt models of medium length or slightly shorter. Combined with shorts, a jacket will help you cheat your height significantly.

3. He has a thin and tall figure

Guys with tight belts are somewhat self-deprecating in terms of weight but have the advantage of height. Therefore, choosing the right outfit is not too difficult. You should choose bright colors such as white, blue, … Do not choose wide form shirts. And also should not choose body-hugging shirts that will reveal body defects. Instead, you should choose clothes that are the right size for your body. Horizontal striped t-shirts are also an ideal choice. When combined with outerwear, it will give you a much more stylish and personality look.

4. The guy has a muscular body

Muscular guys with the perfect 6-pack should choose tight-fitting shirts, heart necks, pointed necks or shirt collars to help show off their bodies. Shirts that fit the body give a comfortable, pleasant feeling. At the same time, it shows the masculinity and elegance of a man. In addition, you should also choose a loose-fitting shirt or a tank top, a sleeveless shirt for outdoor activities. They will bring a feeling of comfort, comfort,…

5. Small-chested guy

You don’t have big pectoral muscles, you can’t wear heart-shaped tops with deep necklines. Horizontal stripes, short-sleeved T-shirts, round necks combined with outerwear vests are what you need. They will help you hide body defects and give you a liberal, youthful look. At the same time, you should stay away from dark colors. Instead, light colored t-shirts, slightly wide form will be more suitable for you.

6. Boyfriend has big chest and biceps

If you have large busts and biceps, loose or body-hugging t-shirts are suitable for you. However, you should not choose too tight a t-shirt that will make you uncomfortable. Just wear it comfortably.

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