The ‘Psych’ Cast Reunites for a New Case This Christmas Just Like in the Movie

The 'Psych' Cast Reunites for a New Case This Christmas Just Like in the Movie

For the “Psych”-os, Christmas has arrived early: The USA Network has confirmed that a “Psych” reunion film has been ordered, with a December premiere date set. “Psych: The Movie” stars James Roday as false psychic investigator Shawn Spencer and Dulé Hill as his childhood best friend and business partner Burton “Gus” Guster.

The ‘Psych’ Cast Reunites for a New Case This Christmas Just Like in the Movie

The two-hour special follows the events of the show’s 2014 finale three years later. Steve Franks, the film’s creator, co-wrote the script with Roday and will also direct it. Timothy Omundson (Lassiter), Maggie Lawson (Juliet), Corbin Bernsen (Henry), and Kirsten Nelson (Henry) are also returning (Chief Vick). The first day of production is May 24. “Psych” began airing in 2006 and lasted eight seasons. The movie will feature a group of friends who assemble around the holidays after a mysterious assailant targets one of their own, according to USA. “‘Psych’ is a beloved member of our USA family, and what better time to reunite with family than the holidays,” said Chris McCumber, President of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment’s Entertainment Networks. “Steve and James have condensed the show’s distinct brand of comedy, which the series refined over eight seasons, into a two-hour film that successfully rekindles one of television’s greatest bro-mances.” Jeff Wachtel, President, Universal Cable Productions and Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, commended the show’s ardent fan base, dubbed “Psych-os,” with keeping the series alive. With Tagline’s Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak, Franks, Roday, and Hill executive produce the picture.

Jeff Wachtel, President, Universal Cable Productions and Chief Content Officer, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, praised the show’s devoted fans, called “Psych-os,” for keeping it alive. Franks, Roday, and Hill executive produce the film alongside Tagline’s Chris Henze and Kelly Kulchak. Just three years after signing off, Shawn and Gus return in Psych: The Movie (Thursday, 8 ET/PT, *** out of four). It’s a little weird at moments, like seeing an old buddy, but generally it’s a lot of fun and very much like the Psych we know and love. The story continues up three years after the conclusion, which saw most of the main characters relocate to San Francisco and Shawn propose to Juliet (Maggie Lawson), only for the ring to be stolen just as she answered yes. They’re still engaged in the film, and Shawn is still looking for the ring while trying to rebuild the Psych agency in a new city. (although, as Shawn points out several times, it’s now called “psychphrancisco,” all lower case, with a “ph” instead of a “f,” and it’s all one word) while Gus keeps his day job. When a strange criminal begins targeting Juliet and her new partner, the crew reassembles (at Christmastime) to work on a case. Despite the fact that the film never returns to the show’s bright Santa Barbara setting, it preserves the classic style and tone (a pineapple even shows up).

The actors effortlessly return to their roles, with Roday and Hill in particular recalling every pulse and cadence of the central friendship, as well as their elaborately rehearsed “bits” and inside jokes. Many of the original cast members, as well as fan favourites including Corbin Bernsen as Shawn’s father Henry, Timothy Omundson as Det. Carlton Lassiter, and Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick, return in some form. The plot is clever, but not nearly as crucial as the character development and humour, as is typical of a Psych episode (and the movie does have the sense of an extended episode). The plot can become a touch ridiculous at points, but the film mostly retains the series’ smart and amusing tone. Because the original series isn’t available on Netflix right now, the film offers a nice dose of nostalgia and simplicity for fans. It adds an epilogue to the 2014 conclusion rather than moving the tale further. Shawn and Juliet would stay together, Gus and Shawn would remain friends, and their collective antics would continue at that point, based on the open-ended finale. Returning to Shawn and Gus’ world for one final zany adventure is the true thrill of Psych: The Movie. Psych’s return may have been three years in the making, but it doesn’t feel “too soon” or tired in the least. It feels like just the proper amount of holiday happiness.

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