The colors that are expected to dominate the fall and winter fashion 2021

The colors that are expected to dominate the fall and winter fashion 2021

When the weather turns cold, it is also time for women to plan to refurbish their wardrobe. Contrary to what many people think, the time of season change is when neutral colors take the throne. Fall-winter fashion trends 2019 tend to favor trendy, youthful tones and textures.

The colors that are expected to dominate the fall and winter fashion 2021

1. Romantic Purple

Purple is forecast to take the crown of the autumn-winter 2019 fashion trend. If you want to create a trendy look , you should wear purple plants with diverse shades. Want to look warm, bold autumn and winter. Purple color with gray or brown will definitely make you satisfied.

2. Trendy green

After purple, the trendy green color also has the opportunity to take the throne in autumn and winter 2019. Blue brings youthfulness, freshness and gives a completely different feeling. This rather difficult color gamut will make your fashion sense significantly sublimate

3. Orange highlights

It would be wrong to think that striking orange tones are only for summer fashion. Because all the shades of orange, especially the deep orange tones, have been actively promoted by fans. Across the Fall-Winter fashion front, from the catwalk, street style to the office.

4. Sweet pink

Look at the frequency of appearance of pink designs on the world catwalk recently. Many people will feel that they have missed an extremely sweet and feminine color.

5. Gold of happiness

In the Fall-Winter 2019 fashion trend, yellow is a color that is especially loved by fashionistas.

6. Classic Black and White

Fashion legend Coco Chanel once said about color in fashion style: “Women think about all colors, but forget about colorless colors. Black and white have all the beauty needed, it’s the perfect balance.” Therefore, no matter how many colors stand out in the wardrobe, white and black are still a safe choice for all situations of fashionistas .

Shopping while being too nervous or excited is a mistake that everyone is prone to make. We are often less alert and wise when shopping before a big event is coming very close: Wedding, birthday, a special party, first date with crush… Decision hastily or hesitated too much. Many times, wanting everything to be as perfect as possible will make your shopping spree a failure.

Discounts and special offers are always the things that make you “out of your mind”. We are extremely soft-hearted and fall into traps before the big sales of brands. Because it is very difficult to avoid the sale trap, we need to make a shopping budget and follow the rule: Buy because it is necessary – not buy because it is cheap.

Before you click “buy now” or go to the checkout, pause for a moment and ask yourself, if it doesn’t go on sale, do I really want or need it? If you are satisfied with the answer you give, then feel free to continue shopping. And congratulations for the well spent money!

Piling up all kinds of tops, skirts, pants on a shelf/drawer or a chair in the room not only makes your living space ugly, but also causes you to dress badly. Because you will easily wear the top things over and over, or often wear unironed clothes because you have to grab something in front of you.

Fix this as soon as possible, first iron things flat, then hang them up or fold them neatly and put them in the closet. Things that are not suitable for the weather should be stored in a box / suitcase, do not mix summer and winter items together. This small change will help you always see the best and most beautiful things in your wardrobe and consider wearing them. Besides, inspire you to dress well every day.

Many people choose extremely elegant clothes but make fashion mistakes that are hard to ignore because the underwear line is clearly visible under the tight skirt. It will denounce a person who is not well-dressed, so this is quite a matter of concern.

First, we need to know how to choose underwear so that it is delicate, don’t wear underwear that is too tight, it will tighten your body like a ball, both difficult to move and make you uncomfortable. Should choose underwear that fits well, without borders, lace as possible because they are often bulging or clearly marked. Neutral colors are always a safe and perfect choice.

Finally, have a separate underwear drawer in the work area, go to formal places, this is a way to avoid urgent situations where you wear red lace underwear under a white dress. thin tang to meet important partners of the company.

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