System Shock Remake will be released in 2022

System Shock Remake will be released in 2022

As one of the most classic PC games of the ’90s, System Shock can rival Doom or Half-Life. The title is widely regarded as one of the best sci-fi games of the 1990s, with its gameplay mechanics, story, and memorable villains making it a product ahead of its time. A remake of the title is currently in the works, and we finally have information on the game’s upcoming release date.

System Shock Remake will be released in 2022

According to a report from PC Gamer, the Remake version of System Shock in 1994 will be released in 2022. Although there is no specific release date, the game is progressing quite well thanks to the cooperation between the developer Nightdive Studios. with publisher Prime Matter. Along with this announcement, a series of new in-game screenshots have been released to ignite the excitement of gamers. Gamers will also be able to get System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition for free on System Shock Remake’s release date if they pre-order the game.

System Shock Remake also had a final demo version released earlier this year. At the time the demo was released there were also rumors that Nightdive Studios would release the game in the summer of 2021. However, it is clear that that time has passed and gamers are looking forward to the game’s launch. was probably a bit disappointed about this delay.

System Shock has in the past been a very notable game thanks to SHODAN, the artificial intelligence system located on Citadel Station that is considered one of the most sinister video game enemy AIs of all time. Grand. The sequel to the title, System Shock 2, was released a few years later, becoming one of the most beloved PC games and a very influential game, with familiar names like BioShock about is basically a spiritual successor to System Shock.

On top of that, System Shock will also release to gamers a TV series. Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick says a TV show is the “perfect vehicle” to retell the game’s original story. With this movie and System Shock Remake coming out next year, it’s likely that this sci-fi series will be famous once again in the modern gaming community after many years of silence.

PUBG New Sate dominates all download charts

SensorTower released updated rankings showing that Krafton’s PUBG New State hit 32 million downloads, topping the list of mobile games with the highest downloads in November.

India is the game’s largest market, contributing 29.7% of downloads, followed by the US, which accounts for 12%. You can follow the most up-to-date rankings of the Top 10 international mobile games with the most downloads, the most popular in the world. Note downloads are only counted on the App Store and Google Play, excluding third-party Android stores.

In second place is Garena Free Fire with nearly 22 million downloads, up 19% over the same period last year. India is the market where this mobile battle royale game is downloaded the most, accounting for 33.3%, followed by Brazil, accounting for 10.5%.

The other three games in the top 5 are the products of Say Games – Merge Animals 3D, SYBO Games has Subway Surfers and King’s Candy Crush Saga.

In November 2021, global mobile game downloads on the App Store and Google Play were 4.4 billion, equal to the same period last year.

The Indian market ranked first with 743 million downloads, accounting for 17% of the total global downloads. The US market came in second with 9% of downloads, followed by the Brazilian market with 8%.

The newly launched version of Royal Clash by Supercell has received 8.4 million downloads worldwide, the highest number of downloads since November 2017.

In recent months, sales of this game have increased again. Overall, the segment attracted $53 million in November, its highest grossing month since April 2018. In November, Supercell released a major update to the game, including a world opening. upper limit to level 14 and add new champion cards.

In recent interviews, the company Krafton seems to talk a lot about building a world, its own PUBG universe. Mr. Chang-Han Kim, CEO of Krafton, details the company’s ambitious plan to create an experience space for gamers.

When PUBG launched in late 2017, it was a resounding success. Despite optimization issues on PC upon release, the battle royale game saw hundreds of thousands of players daily.

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