Surprised by the Singapore company that pays to play Pokemon Go

Surprised by the Singapore company that pays to play Pokemon Go

A media company in Singapore called Funzing “shocked” when it posted an advertisement for a Pokemon Go hunter and the winner would be paid by the company to play the game.

Surprised by the Singapore company that pays to play Pokemon Go

In the context that Pokemon Go is still the most popular and influential game in the world, causing many businesses to even ban employees from playing the game, a company in Singapore is willing to pay employees to do it. this. Specifically, this company posted a recruitment ad on its Facebook fan page, stating that it is looking for a Pokemon Go master, and claiming that this is the world’s first job on Pokemon. .

Quoting the company’s recruitment newsletter Funzing, they said: “If you are a Pokemon fanatic and have a thirst for adventure and discovery to catch them all, then we are looking forward to you.” While the level of detail about the job hasn’t been described by Funzing, the company does confirm that it will pay people employed to play Pokemon Go.

The Pokemon game was first launched in the US, Australia and New Zealand markets in early July, and has only been available in Vietnam and Asian countries since about a week. However, there are many businesses that quickly take advantage of the attractiveness of the game to make a profit for their business. Most likely Funzing company is no exception.

Funny scene “rescuing” Pikachu

At the International Pokemon Festival that just took place in Songdo City (Korea), a funny incident happened when a dancer in a Pikachu costume suddenly deflated, leading to a “rescue” scene. more funny than that. The funny video has gone viral on Korean social media, capturing the image of a dancer in a Pikachu costume falling flat because the costume deflated. The incident made Pikachu “miserable” being dragged away “violently” by a group of male employees in black suits.

The troubled dancer appeared in the center of the stage in front of hundreds of spectators. When the group of 15 dancers began to dance to the tune of the song “‘You Can’t Stop The Beat” from the musical film “Hairspray” (2007), the dancer appearing at the center began to malfunction. skin. The inflated outfit suddenly deflated and slowly deflated.

How to throw Pokeball to catch Pokemon you may not know

Thus, Pokemon Go has officially opened to Vietnamese players. Instead of having to use Fake ID, you can download and play this special game. However, for newcomers, not everyone knows how to throw Pokeballs to catch Pokemon to get a high score. Here are some ways to throw Pokeball you can refer to to catch Pokemon.

Pokemon fever makes many football stars “fascinated”

Many famous players are “addicted” to Pokemon games. Even in Germany, the Wolfsburg Club has opened the stadium freely for fans to “hunt” for Pokemon. In the past time, the world is having a fever of Pokemon games. That’s because this game brings a whole new experience to the “gamer”. Specifically, the Pokemon game is built on virtual reality technology. There, players will “hunt” for Pokemon (which are too familiar with each person’s childhood) based on the actual map.

Even famous players are being “caught” in this fever. Recently, on his personal Twitter page, defender Marcel Schmelzer posted a picture of the whole Dortmund team looking for Pokemon. “Most of the faces in this picture are looking for Pokemon,” wrote Marcel Schmelzer on Twitter. In it, two predecessors Ousmane Dembele and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were “tag” in that picture by Marcel Schmelzer.

And yet, even Wolfsburg Club supports this trend. Yesterday, they decided to open the Volkswagen Arena to the public for fans to “hunt” for Pokemon. Many children, even adults, were present at Volkswagen Arena to “hunt” for Pokemon. Witnessing that image, The Sun newspaper joked: “Will one day see Aubameyang wandering in Volkswagen Arena looking for Pokemon?”.

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