Stylish fashion like princess kate middleton’s it-girl before joining the british royal family

Stylish fashion like princess kate middleton's it-girl before joining the british royal family

At the age of 40, Princess Kate Middleton gradually became a fashion icon because of her sophisticated, luxurious, temperamental style, and was often compared to the late Princess Diana . However, few people know that, before stepping into the Royal Family, Kate Middleton also possessed an impressive fashion sense, with low-rise pants, large belts, denim skirts or high-heeled boots. elegant and youthful not inferior to the IT-Girls of the previous version a decade ago.

Stylish fashion like princess kate middleton’s it-girl before joining the british royal family

Like other girls of the time, low- rise jeans are a must-have item and are the favorite model of the Duchess of Cambridge. Her low-rise pants collection includes all colors from light blue, dark blue, dark blue to white jeans. She combines them with many different styles of tops such as basic white two-piece tops, blazers , cardigans, etc. to create youthful, dynamic but equally trendy outfits.

Besides, Kate Middleton also did not forget to highlight the outfit with a stylish large belt . Looking back now, the outfits she used to wear are still not out of fashion and can completely become creative inspiration for the followers of the low-rise pants trend that will explode this year.

Before joining the British Royal Family, teenage Kate Middleton had times to occupy the “spotlight” when wearing feminine outfits, showing off her beautiful figure. As an educated girl who does not confine herself to the old rules, Kate’s way of choosing dresses is also diverse and flexible according to each event and activity she participates in.

When she gathers with friends, she often wears knee-length two-piece dresses, with bow details at the waist to show her elegance and femininity. Sometimes on weekend nights, Kate is more “cool” when showing off her figure in sequin dress designs and suede boots that attract all eyes.

During a short break with Prince William in 2007, Kate Middleton seemed to want to “revenge” gently by wearing a two-piece silk dress with a slit showing off her sexy bust and baroque pattern by Versace . “ex-boyfriend” as well as the public must always remember.

Kate Middleton also attracts attention many times with low-rise denim skirts mixed with waistcoats, shirt combos, sweaters to wear outside and complete the set with high boots and high -styled outfits. teen . Since joining the British Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge had to say goodbye to the above outfits to aim for a noble and elegant image. But regardless of style, she still attracts all eyes thanks to her luxurious royal aura.

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