Style’s Guide Winter 2021 wardrobe of the office girl

Style's Guide Winter 2021 wardrobe of the office girl

The cold season has arrived and we are back in the office after a long lockdown. For many office girls, owning a wardrobe that is both suitable for the office environment and can be flexibly applied to other activities such as attending events, going out… is really difficult. However, for this year’s Fall/Winter season, Style brings you 6 outfit ideas to bring about important looks that can be applied to all occasions.

Style’s Guide Winter 2021 wardrobe of the office girl

This is an indispensable combination of this year’s Fall-Winter fashion season. An elegant look combines the seriousness of a blazer with a softer and more subdued pop of a skirt.

Perfect and perfect for any occasion, this item is a great alternative to a classic office look than any other.

If you love masculine style then this is the ideal solution. This season, fashion houses are creative with a rich color palette and perfect tailoring, reducing the seriousness of an ordinary suit.

It’s a great classic, synonymous with luxury and a guaranteed fit in any situation, including the office. Sheath dresses are a must-have for every woman, and today, along with more traditional looks, office ladies with looks Contemporary glamor and great personality are being launched by famous fashion houses.

This outfit offers a sophisticated, elegant look, always suitable for office girls or anyone who loves perfection.

If you’re aiming for a piece of clothing that’s always elegant, yet casual and creative, the solution is to put the suit aside, and instead have the freedom of pairing a blazer with a skirt or skirt. trouser.

Green autumn-winter fashion trend 2021/22

Green has become a symbol of sustainability, a clear sign of the right direction of fashion, an invisible source of positive energy that not everyone realizes. From a color psychology perspective, green is a wonderful balance between mind and heart. In nature, green is a symbol of growth, rebirth, and restoration of depleted energy.

Aim for the brightest and strongest shades of green of the flag, emerald and lawn. Green is the embodiment of new minimalism, it enters the essential palette of those aiming for elegance with its geometric textures and caartorial volume. Present in most designs of jackets, baggy pants, sweaters, long skirts, scarves and shoes… even eyeliner.

The bright green accents the classic black is a smart choice for a stylish It girl look: in one look it’s an accessory in hand, in another it’s a green trousers combined with a black coat from fashion house Raf Simons. This two-color combination represents a post-apocalyptic image, wishing to reinvigorate the times in which we live and face the Covid-19 pandemic.

The boldest color combination is green with lilac, the color of spirituality from Stella McCartney and Salvatore Ferragamo. It softens the “meadow” or “emerald” green, thanks to the gentleness of the shades of purple. But go bolder by adding a touch of beige like the one from fashion house Stella McCartney, and you get one of the hottest looks of fall/winter 2021/22.

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