Pokemon “brilliant revival” after 20 years of public release

Pokemon "brilliant revival" after 20 years of public release

The first store to sell copyrighted Pokemon products was opened in Tokyo in 1998, to this day, such shops continue to pop up in Japan and do business with them. Thousands of diverse products to meet the needs of consumers.

Pokemon “brilliant revival” after 20 years of public release

In the Pokemon world, the most famous are Pikachu and the Poke Ball. These images can be found on children’s toys, clothing, and accessories in many countries. Many companies that sell products for children continue to use Pokemon images to promote their products.

Since it was first shown on the Japanese small screen in 1997, up to now, the Pokemon animated series – “Pocket Monsters” – has come to more than 90 countries and regions. Pokemon was practically known to the world before Japanese anime, manga, video games, and other forms of popular culture became popular. The power of Pokemon lies in the reminder of childhood

An explanation for the enduring and increasingly powerful vitality of Pokemon on a world scale has been explained by the genuine owner – Nintendo. That’s because the Pokemon is designed based on the image of animals, making it easy for players – viewers from different cultures to easily identify and have certain relationships with Pokemon. .

The shape of Pokemon is both close, easy to grasp, and has the freedom and freedom, mixing science – fiction, stimulating imagination and creativity.

Nintendo representative shared on the sidelines of the Pokemon Go craze that is taking place in many countries around the world: “In Japan or in any other country, we all see children passionately looking at animals, passionately chasing insects, whether in America, in England, or anywhere…”.

“Pokemon is different from other characters that come out of video games, Pokemon has become a cultural icon, because players – viewers can easily find a part of their childhood in Pokemon, can find the joys of childhood in it”. Pokemon has left a deep mark on the life of Japanese popular culture. All Nippon Airways of Japan has planes decorated in Pokemon style. A Pokemon theme park was set up in Nagoya, Japan in 2005, and another in Taipei in 2006.

Pokemon also appeared on the cover of America’s Time magazine in 1999. In the Japanese tourism industry, Pokemon are among the iconic characters, often depicted on souvenir items. Now, Pokemon has stepped out of the video game, out of the small screen, the big screen… to really enter the real world with Pokemon Go, making the level of interaction between Pokemon and players even greater, creating a storm. fever spread around the world at the moment, promising a strong revival of Pokemon among young people in many countries.

Nintendo seems to find the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Pokemon GO

Not only has emerged as a phenomenon in the mobile gaming industry thanks to its groundbreaking gameplay and strong charisma, Pokemon GO also serves as a revitalizing medicine for the once legendary Japanese company Nintendo. in the game field.

Once a monument of the gaming industry in the world with iconic characters like Pikachu (Pokemon), Super Mario, or Zelda (in Legend of Zelda), Nintendo has long gone through its heyday. , and even faced the risk of bankruptcy at the end of 2015. “Dying” is what financial experts say about Nintendo after the 2015 financial report was released earlier this year when full-year profit fell 60.6 percent year-on-year. reached $148 million. The company’s revenue also fell 8% to $4.53 billion.

The important thing is that the Nintendo of 2015 shows that they are completely stuck in finding their own way. The Wii and Wii U game consoles are not strong enough to compete with Sony’s PlayStation, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and the Nintendo DS handheld is also far behind smartphones. Their main source of income still comes from “old-fashioned” cartoon characters like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, .. but the market is shrinking.

But few people expect that Pokemon inspiration will once again bring light and hope to the Japanese manufacturer. Since Pokemon GO was released, it quickly became a phenomenon when it topped the App Store system in the US in terms of revenue, surpassing even hit games like Clash of Clan, Clash Royale. As of July 11, there were 7.5 million downloads from the App Store.

Pokemon GO also proves that it is not a “quick to play quickly boring” game, but on the contrary has a very strong attraction. Estimates of the average time per day of a Pokemon GO player in the US surpass even popular social networks like Snapchat, Tinder, Instagram, or even Facebook.

After only a few short days of launching in the US, New Zealand and a few European countries, Pokemon GO has caused Nintendo’s share price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange to increase sharply by nearly 9%, while the US market has increased by 25%. The total value of the game also just reached 9 billion USD after only a few days of launch.

The fever of the game so far has not shown any signs of stopping spreading, although it has only been released in a few regions around the world for a short time. However, the success of Pokemon GO still cannot compare to the milestone when Nintendo released the Wii console in late 2007.

This makes many investors worry that Pokemon GO will only help Nintendo flash a little, then sink into a deadlock like in recent years. However, many technology newspapers have commented that the success with Pokemon GO is only the beginning of Nintendo, as the company shows that they have caught up with the technology trend, which is to switch to developing games on smartphones.

Nintendo’s future at the moment is still a question mark. What will happen when the Pokemon GO game is no longer as attractive as it is today? And whether the company will turn the existing advantages into a solid foundation – the answer is probably no one can predict.

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