Play as Yugi Mutou in Mobile Game King dominating the cards mastering the game

Play as Yugi Mutou in Mobile Game King dominating the cards mastering the game

If you have ever been a big fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh manga ! will surely know the main character Yugi Mutou . He is a shy, clumsy high school student who successfully assembles the Millennium Game.

Play as Yugi Mutou in Mobile Game King dominating the cards mastering the game

Yugi has an unusual personality known as Shadow Yugi (Yami Yugi), a spirit that exists in the Thousand Years Game. Besides, we cannot forget the close friends of “King of Games”: Katsuya Jonouchi (Joey Wheeler), Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner), Hiroto Honda (Tristan Taylor), Ryo Bakura, later Ryuji Otogi and his partner. Player Seto Kaiba.

Becoming an indelible memory in the minds of manga fans, now once again recreated with the mobile game version of Than Sang Khai Bai , the game really makes fans sob.

The game belongs to the card battle genre, fighting in turn-based tactical formations. Players will collect general cards and arrange them into a squad according to their own intentions. To win the opponent not only requires strength but also needs more team thinking ability.

The bright spot of Than Sang Khai Card (King of Mobile Games) is that the skill effects of each champion are extremely beautiful. Each general seems to have a “rage move” with its own strength and hegemony. If you want to feel satisfied when you play, try this game right away.

The game is currently testing for Android. If you are interested, you can download Mobile Game King to your device and fight from August 27.

Wearing the strongest card Yu-Gi-Oh, a teenager who suddenly became famous

Japan is famous for these types of fashionable strange, but perhaps this is definitely fashion weirdest, especially for those who love like Yu-Gi-Oh !, But also made many people could not help laugh.

Tokyo Fashion ‘s Instagram just got the latest updates regarding their annual fashion culture event. Prominent among them, with many gamers and Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, is the guy in a hoodie, baggy pants, Dr. Martens, attached… 5 Forbidden One cards to form Exodia – God of strength on people.

Makoto (@makocha1029) is the main character of the story, he explains about his fascination with Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, so he decided to break his own outfit by hanging the cards. this post card up. However, it is somewhat inconsistent with the clothes on the body.

For those of you who do not know, Exodia is a cluster of 5 cards that combine to become the most powerful combination, Exodia Necross allows players to win the whole game instantly because of its infinite attack and infinite defense. Because, this entity is too strong in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Should be forced to divide Exodia into 5 separate parts including:

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! There are many variants of Exodia in the world. But these variations either have infinite merit or infinite defense or both, so it’s basically the cluster that is the strongest hand combination. In fact, if this is 5 is a “REAL”, its price is not cheap at all. And he’s suddenly more handsome than usual!

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