Namita khade the renaissance of knitwear that fascinates the kardashian sisters

Namita khade the renaissance of knitwear that fascinates the kardashian sisters

When it comes to knitwear and the knitwear line, people often think of traditional and discreet sweaters or long – sleeve cardigans . But in recent times, Indian-born designer Namita Khade has made fashionistas “roll their eyes” before creative designs and go beyond the “safe zone” of the inherent knitwear product line. was somewhat stereotyped, old-fashioned. Let’s learn about Namita Khade with ELLE with boundless inspiration that has created a new and unique “wave” in the fashion world.

Namita khade the renaissance of knitwear that fascinates the kardashian sisters

Although born and raised in the UK, Namita Khade’s designs are always strongly inspired by the unique cultural heritage from her native India. Although her parents are not from the intellectual class, they always support and encourage Namita Khade to pursue her creative journey with the fashion industry. “Perhaps through that, I began to find interest in the connection between clothes, culture and national identity,” Namita shared.

Namita Khade’s designs are known for their bold yet subtle cuts that celebrate the pristine contours of the female body. Strips of borderless knitted fabrics with warm tones are cleverly pleated and interlaced to create bold and outstanding works. It can be said that it is the “unpredictable” cuts that weave throughout the outfit that create an “irresistible” attraction to the fashion world and especially girls who are passionate about sexy and personality styles.

Not only that, Namita Khade also made a strong impression through unique creative dot details. Especially the method of knitting large, transparent beads into the delicate fabric background of knitted designs.

Not only admire her artistic thinking through innovative knitted designs, fashionistas can also experience Namita Khade’s childhood memories through inspiration with unique cultural heritages from India. The body-hugging silhouette is reminiscent of the sari – traditional Indian women’s clothing, vibrant patches of knitting, or a retro color-blocking play. All are inspired by the smallest and simplest details in Namita Khade’s memory such as the dear image of her mother cooking or the colorful objects in her small garden.

Metal clip details inspired by traditional Indian truck decoration are depicted in a unique and innovative way on Namita Khade’s designs.

In addition, Khade is not afraid to design standard outfits according to measurements so that girls can confidently show off the natural beauty of their bodies. She wishes to convey a feeling of comfort and differences that are not bound by any standards through her art works. Namita Khade hopes her knitted designs will be a “declaration” of freedom against class and color discrimination, contributing to affirming the important position of women in modern society.

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