League of Legends Revealing the reason why Knight is attached to the shipwreck of TES all because of family power?

League of Legends Revealing the reason why Knight is attached to the shipwreck of TES all because of family power?

Over the past few years, we can’t deny that Knight is one of the best mid laners in the LPL. In terms of lane ability, handling in combat…, Knight always performed excellently every time he competed. Even at the time of the 2019 season, Syndra in the hands of Knight was so scary that the opponent of Top Esports, if not banned, would be sure to lose 9 parts.

League of Legends Revealing the reason why Knight is attached to the shipwreck of TES all because of family power?

Despite such a high skill, Knight’s competitive career is still extremely “lucky” when the highest title he has won only stops at the 2020 LPL Summer Championship. Up to now, Knight has not been able to make a strong mark in international tournaments, especially Worlds. Even in the last 2021 season, his Top Esports did not have the opportunity to participate in the most prestigious League of Legends tournament mentioned above.

The above factors combined with Knight’s (old) contract with Top Esports expired in November, making many people think that he will leave the team. A lot of transfer information in recent times also says that there are at least 5 teams in the LPL that want to own Knight, even paying him the highest salary in LPL history.

However, Knight’s decision was to stay with the so-called “shipwreck” team – Top Esports. Many people find it difficult to understand this decision because other teams have had a series of big deals, the most prominent name joining TES is just Tian who has dropped in form. For many people, TES next season is almost “no hope” in competing for a top 4 place in the LPL, let alone winning the title or even attending MSI and Worlds.

As a way to explain this issue, Top Esports posted a very long video yesterday – December 16 with the main content of Knight and JackeyLove. Most notably, Knight insists that he chose to stay at TES not for the money, but because he wanted to compete and win titles with his brothers. Knight himself thinks that the TES players are not bad, they are just unlucky and down in form.

Even Top Esports manager Hao revealed that the two key players, including Knight and JackeyLove, have been working very hard for the new season. Once, this manager caught JackeyLove still climbing the rank from the night before to 5 am the next morning. Hao shared that he was really touched when he saw the efforts to change and improve the performance of Top Esports members.

Besides the strength of each individual, the coordination and harmony when playing is an important factor for the players. Don’t we have a direct lesson from Rekkles when he left Fnatic in search of a title but ended up playing out of place at G2 Esports. Perhaps Knight understands this and he chooses to side with his closest and most familiar teammates instead of going out to find a new destination. Hopefully this decision of Knight is correct and the efforts of this player are well rewarded.

Tyler1: “Playing ADC in this time of 2021 is like torturing yourself”

The name Tyler1 must be no longer strange to us when this is one of the most famous League of Legends streamers in the world. Even with more than 4.6 million followers, Tyler1 has been a huge star of the Twitch platform for many years now. This guy is even admired by many when he can climb Challenger in 4 positions including AD carry, Jungler, Top and Mid lane.

The role associated with Tyler1 in the eyes of many people is probably the Gunner with the famous Draven general . Although Tyler1 has played other positions, watching Tyler1 play Draven is still something extremely interesting for the audience. However, over time, this position has become weaker and weaker and makes a gamer associated with the role of ADC like Tyler1 can’t help but clam up.

During a recent stream, Tyler1 accidentally found a video of xFSB Saber (boy one champ Caitlyn ) stream and watched it live. The content of this video almost clearly shows the ADC’s weakness in the current time when xFSB Saber is “one shot” continuously in helplessness. After watching this video, Tyler1 could only laugh sarcastically and say that it was like torturing himself.

So what is the main cause of this weakness of the ADC position? The answer probably lies in how Riot orients the power for this position, making ADC have almost no impact on the early and mid game. Most ADCs in League of Legends will build towards crit, so they are only really strong when they reach the threshold of 3 items, including Infinity Sword.

With a group of extremely expensive items like critical items, to reach that power threshold, you have to farm for a very long time. Obviously, farming can’t affect the game with teamfights, so the ADC’s role gradually becomes extremely weak. Not to mention with the nature of having to build damage, that ADC is very easy to get “one shot” by most opponents when the ability to deal great damage is becoming too common.

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