It starts with me quarterback Josh Allen says after the Buffalo Bills shocking loss

It starts with me quarterback Josh Allen says after the Buffalo Bills' shocking loss

Josh Allen, the Buffalo Bills’ quarterback, was forthright in his evaluation of the team’s performance in the 9-6 shock defeat to the Jacksonville Jaguars. “They deserve credit. They came out because they were more interested in it “Allen remarked. “A lot of small things added up to major things for us. I placed the ball in perilous situations far too often. It smacked us in the face. I played like an s—-, pardon my words, but it all begins with me.”

It starts with me quarterback Josh Allen says after the Buffalo Bills’ shocking loss

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Jaguars achieved their second win of the season by snapping a 25-game streak of allowing 21 points. The Bills were 15.5-point favourites entering the game, making Jacksonville’s triumph the NFL’s fourth-largest road upset loss since 1966. “With the football, you have to be smart and end every drive with a kick,” Allen added. “Not giving them a short field because we didn’t understand how our defence was playing. I need to improve one more. Today I acted like a jerk.” For the first time this season, the quarterback threw two interceptions and lost one fumble.

It was his first game with three turnovers since a loss to the New England Patriots in 2019, which also happened to be the last game in which he threw no passing touchdowns and multiple interceptions. Because of injury, the Bills were without two starting offensive linemen: right tackle Spencer Brown and guard Jon Feliciano, and it showed. Allen threw for 264 yards on 31 of 47 passing attempts, and rushed for 50 yards on five carries. The struggles of Buffalo’s running backs this season didn’t help matters. On nine carries, they were restricted to 22 yards. “I was just watching on their sideline, and one thing I saw was that they didn’t have the same intensity as us,” Shaquill Griffin said. “If there’s one team that deserves to win, I believe it’s us, but you have to believe it. That’s something I kept preaching to the rest of the group. Watching them walk around on the sidelines, it’s as if they don’t give a damn. They are not deserving of this. Let us demonstrate why.”

The Bills kicked two field goals to start the game, but either punted or turned the ball over on every subsequent possession until the final one, which ended on downs. Despite many opportunities to take control of the game in the second half, the Bills offence was unable to score. The Jaguars defence forced Buffalo to kick a 24-yard field goal after having the ball at first-and-goal from the Jaguars’ 3-yard line, preventing the Bills from establishing a first-quarter lead. “One of the best defensive efforts I’ve seen,” said rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence was forced to leave the game late in the first half due to an injured right ankle.

Lawrence’s injury, which appeared to be serious when left tackle Walker Little appeared to step on his foot, was helped off the field and into the locker room with 3:16 left in the first half. Lawrence, however, returned to the game before the half finished and played the rest of the game. As the Jaguars prepare for Sunday’s game in Indianapolis, he’ll be closely scrutinised throughout the week. Lawrence remarked after the game, “I’m feeling a little bit better.” “It was scanned. There’s nothing to be concerned about. Take a look at how you feel tomorrow and for the remainder of the week. It’ll undoubtedly be painful. We’ll have to wait and see. Simply have a slew of treatments and attempt to reclaim your health.”

When he saw Lawrence on the ground gripping his ankle, Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer said his heart plummeted “just like everyone in that stadium,” and he wanted to make sure the top overall choice was okay before allowing him back on the field. Meyer laughed, “He was ready to fight me when I wouldn’t let him in.” “I have to tell him that I’m still his coach,” says the narrator.

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