I Put This Woman-Owned Company’s Clothing to the Test Because It Is Revolutionizing Braless Fashion.

I Put This Woman-Owned Company's Clothing to the Test Because It Is Revolutionizing Braless Fashion.

Say goodbye to inconvenient bras and hello to braless clothing that is revolutionizing fashion for the betterment of society—or, at the very least, for the betterment of breasts. Frankly, a women-owned business, has a line of sustainable dresses and bodysuits that allow customers to go braless while still getting the support they need—and I tried it out.

I Put This Woman-Owned Company’s Clothing to the Test Because It Is Revolutionizing Braless Fashion.

Heather Eaton and Jane Dong, co-founders, started the company as a class project while attending Stanford Business School in 2019. They spent two years honing their designs in order to bring greater diversity to the realm of braless fashion. Eaton explains, “I was coming off a really stressful commuting summer where I was officially at my wit’s end with my itchy, uncomfortable bra.” “I have a small waist and wear a F cup, so anything that flatters my form gave me considerably more cleavage than I was comfortable with.”

Frankly is distinguished by its mix-and-match sizing, which helps buyers to discover their ideal fit. For example, the bodysuit above is available in a size L/M, which means it fits like a large around the bust but like a medium around the waist and hips. The brand presently only goes up to size XXL on top and XL on the bottom, but with the fall collection later this year, it wants to expand up to 4X.

“Creating braless clothes is difficult because boobs vary in so many different shapes and sizes, and they all have different needs,” Eaton adds. “This is especially true for larger breasts, and we were determined not to create a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that didn’t work for anyone.” Although the firm is still in its early stages, it has already garnered TikTok popularity, with one video reaching over 3 million views by late 2020. Two Frankly dresses were put to the test to evaluate how comfy they are, and they didn’t disappoint.

The Rachel in Royal Blue, the first dress I tried on, proved to be a learning experience—I had originally ordered an L/M, but switching to an M/M was a breeze and well worth it because the medium top suited my 34D chest better. I rarely wear strapless dresses since I despise strapless bras, but wearing the Rachel without continually reaching into my dress and lifting up a boob torture contraption was incredibly liberating. The built-in chest support system kept the girls awake all day and didn’t make them feel at all uncomfortable.

The second dress, The Eddie in Coral, which was just launched, sealed the deal for me. This dress accentuated my figure, and I never worried that my boobs would show. The back tie on this dress could be a little longer to make a nice bow, but the open-back concept is really cute when you’re showing off a completely bare back.

I’m not sure I’ll ever wear a bra again, thanks to Frankly. In fact, I’d argue braless fashion is the way of the future—and it’s about time.

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