Great dressing tips for guys with short stature

Great dressing tips for guys with short stature

For short boys, choosing clothes to help flatter their body shape is always a difficult problem. How to “although not tall, everyone has to look up” and stand out from the crowd? Understanding that feeling, Cardino gives readers 7 tips for coordinating clothes. Help boys look taller while maintaining a simple, elegant and sophisticated style.

Great dressing tips for guys with short stature

1. Choose the right clothes

This is especially important when men choose a men’s suit style for themselves. A suit that is too wide makes the boys “sink” behind the layers of fabric. Gentlemen should pay attention to choose suits with high enough sleeves. To create just the right amount of space between the bodice and the arms. Helps lengthen the body.

In addition, the choice of pants waistband is also very important. Low waistband will make your legs look shorter, causing imbalance. In contrast, the waistband of short pants will hug the boys’ hips. Helps to make the overall outfit more harmonious and eye-catching.

In addition, gentlemen should also pay attention to the selection of suit jackets with a moderate length. Avoid over-covering the buttocks. You should also avoid the style of bumfreezer jackets and skinny suits that are too tight on the body to cause cramped and uncomfortable.

2. Experiment with monochrome style

It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. This is a way to help short guys choose the right outfit for their body shape. Not only makes you look taller, this monochrome style outfit is also suitable for elegant and sophisticated gentlemen. Should pay attention to prioritize simple and minimalist outfits. Avoid patterns or logos that are too large to distract attention. In addition, boys can also “cheat” their height by using black or dark pants.

3. Transform with vertical stripes

This is one of the most famous “tricks” to help “trick” the eye to make you look taller. Choose clothes with long, thin and long stripes. Avoid clothing with stripes that are too wide or too dense. You don’t want to look like… road markings or product stickers, do you?

4. Smart scaling

For the overall outfit to be harmonious. Guys need to pay special attention to small details when coordinating clothes. For example, lapels, ties and collars when carefully tailored and fitted. They will direct the opponent’s gaze upwards. On the contrary, details that are too big will make your body “oversized”, unbalanced. Therefore, men need to pay attention to their size ratio intelligently and reasonably. Guys can also flexibly change these details to suit the body. Take the collar, for example, instead of keeping the traditional half-inch (about 1.3cm) width. Gentlemen can shrink about ¼ inch (about 0.7cm) to better suit their short figure.

5. Use accessories to direct the gaze upwards

By coordinating delicate and smart clothes. You absolutely can make the saying “although you are not tall, everyone has to look up” come true. To do that, use accessories such as hats, pocket squares, eyeglasses… These details are small, but they are what help direct the eyes of the person looking up.

6. “Forget” about the familiar belt

The abuse of the belt can inadvertently make the boys’ body “broken”, look shorter. Therefore, say goodbye to the familiar belt-wearing style. Use pants with side adjusters instead. In addition, men can “cheat” their height by wearing higher-than-normal pants. This will help increase the length of the leg.

7. Note the trouser leg part

To avoid sloppy lower body, gentlemen should pay attention to the trouser leg. More specifically, pants with a straight, well-fitting leg will help hug the ankle. Not only does it create an opportunity to “show off” your shoes, but it also makes the lower body look longer and more beautiful. You can also roll up the bottom of your pants or not, depending on your preference.

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