Formula 1 2022 Changes and new rules

Formula 1 2022 Changes and new rules

Haas was the first team to unveil the new model on February 4, while Red Bull, Aston Martin and McLaren will unveil their cars this week. To date, Williams is the only team that has not confirmed a launch date as most racing teams are ready for a whole new era of F1. And the 2022 race season is just over a month away.

Formula 1 2022 Changes and new rules

Why did F1 change?

Perhaps all are wondering why – after one of the most exciting seasons in decades – Formula 1 (F1) has completely changed the rules and the cars.

There are a few explanations for that. Traditionally, regulations have been changed for safety, so as if F1 continues to let teams make their cars faster and faster – the most recent car era being the fastest – it gets harder and harder. make the sport as safe as possible.

That could be a factor in this year’s revolution, although the main reason is that F1 wants to transition into an era once dominated by Mercedes, while also offering fewer overtaking opportunities than expected due to weight. vehicle speed and compression.
Meanwhile, the new rules, originally planned for 2021 before being delayed due to the pandemic, are aimed at improving races, and F1 hopes to bring surprises and plenty of drama.

What are the changes?

The changing rules mean we have a whole new generation of racing cars. The concept, which marks one of the biggest technical changes in F1 history, has been revamped in recent years and is essentially a race with a simple yet striking new look after the changes. drastic changes in aerodynamics.

The main changes are:

  • Ground effect floor. The 2022 car has two long pipes under the floor that create a “ground effect” – meaning there’s more suction underneath the car to pull it up the road, while ensuring more downforce is generated from under the vehicle. than. The concept has been popular since the 1970s and 1980s in F1.
  • Simplified front wing and sharp new rear wing. Not only do these parts look great, but the all-new parts on the 2022 cars have been designed to block out airflow, narrowing it instead. The curved rear wing still has DRS, although possibly less impact.
  • 18 inch tires with wheel hubs. As another addition, the larger tires are aesthetically pleasing, while also improving the vehicle’s handling. Wings were added to help direct air away from the rear wing.

What effect will the changes have?

Not only will the new cars look so much different, but they will have a noticeable effect on the product on the track, with more exciting and competitive pursuits than expected.

They are designed with an emphasis on shifting the aerodynamic center of gravity from the wings to below the underbody, making it easier for the car in front to follow and thus improving drivability.

F1 estimates are that 2021 cars lose 35% of compression in three front body lengths and almost 50% in one body length. We may therefore have heard the phrase “dirty air”. What about new cars? They will reduce those numbers to just 4% and 18% respectively.

Who will be the racing team and the riders to beat?

Rule changes are always exciting for F1 teams because they essentially reset the order of things and give them a blank slate to redesign a competitive car. That leads to unpredictability and possibly surprises, with teams regularly adopting new rules.

That means, Mercedes and Red Bull, and Lewis Hamilton and new champion Verstappen, will likely still start the season as contenders. Keep an eye out for teams like Ferrari, though – the Scuderia have openly targeted these rules reset over the past few years – and other well-known names like McLaren and Aston Martin.

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