Football schedule today (September 21): Man City runs the momentum for the great war

Football schedule today (September 21): Man City runs the momentum for the great war

According to the schedule of football matches tonight (September 21) and tomorrow morning (September 22), matches in the League Cup, La Liga and Serie A will take place.

Football schedule today (September 21): Man City runs the momentum for the great war

Man City will host Wycombe Wanderers in the third round of the League Cup. This will be the momentum of coach Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students before having 3 consecutive big battles with Chelsea, PSG and Liverpool all away.

This weekend, Man City will face Chelsea in round 6 of the Premier League. In the middle of next week, Pep Guardiola’s teachers and students will meet PSG in the Champions League. Next weekend, The Citizens will face Liverpool in round 7 of the Premier League.

The matches of the 3rd round of the League Cup tomorrow morning will simultaneously take place at 01:45 Vietnam time. Besides Man City, another “giant” Liverpool will also have a competition with Norwich.

In the La Liga arena, defending champion Atletico Madrid will have a trip to Getafe stadium at 00:30 am on September 22nd. This is the earliest match in the 6th round of La Liga.

In the 5th round of Serie A, the defending champion Inter Milan will have a match against Fiorentina. Currently, Inter Milan is leading the table with 10 points, but only 1 point more than 5th place Fiorentina.

F1 racing: Red Bull urges Director Masi to decide in favor of Verstappen

Fans of Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have reason to be upset again. According to a newly released audio recording from the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which determines the 2021 championship of Formula 1 drivers, Red Bull’s Jonathan Wheatley is heard urging Race Director Michael Masi only allow cars in between Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s cars to pass the safety car.

Masi agreed and at the time this was heavily criticized. Now, the latest radio recordings show that Masi took action shortly after Red Bull called for these instructions.

Wheatley said: “The cars are already overtaken there, you don’t have to let them stay in the right direction and catch up behind the two cars ahead. You just let them go, and then we have a race in hand.”

Masi then sensibly directed the cars in between the two title-challenging drivers past the safety car, allowing Verstappen to catch up to Hamilton before the final lap. As a result, the young Dutch driver has dramatically overtaken the British legend with his much newer tires.

Before this newly announced information, Martin Brundle – a former racer and now a professional, commented on Sky Sports. “I think you have to understand that it’s not necessary to tell Michael Masi something that he doesn’t already know. Don’t assume it gives Masi information he doesn’t know about what he can and can’t do.

Of course it’s really uncomfortable, and a lot of people aren’t happy, like Hamilton fans, Mercedes fans. You don’t even have to be a Lewis Hamilton fan to think he has to be an 8th world champion, because, for me, the really important stipulation that hasn’t been made is the safety car. should have come at the end of the next round.

But we also know that the unwritten and uniform rules, which should not replace anything, are: we try not to finish the race behind the safety car.

It’s not acceptable. I met a lot of new F1 fans last year, and fans in general, were extremely disappointed by what happened. We cannot – and we know that will change – let the teams attack the referee while he is trying to make the big decisions with cars on the track, safety cars and broken cars. .

As you can imagine, being on a football field or a rugby field is completely unacceptable. And that will change. It’s not pretty for F1 at all, but I don’t think this recording changes the story in a really nasty way about what happened.”

1996 F1 champion Damon Hill also had his say, calling it “nasty” and calling on Masi to apologise. “This is not breaking news or breaking news, but it does make listeners uncomfortable as it was at the time,” he said. No one, except Red Bull, is happy about this. The question is, what would someone do with that?

I think an apology should go to Hamilton and the F1 racing fans . But, it will not change the result of 2021. Sacking Masi will not change the result. It might even be better for Hamilton if he stays! He owes him!”.

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