Controversy of the Brazilian goalkeeper 2 times escaped the red card Is the referee biased?

Controversy of the Brazilian goalkeeper 2 times escaped the red card Is the referee biased?

Brazil has just experienced a rather difficult match on the field of Ecuador in the qualifying round of the World Cup . The match seemed to turn into a martial arts arena for both teams when the referee had 4 red cards. Ecuador goalkeeper Alexander Dominguez was the first player to be sent off for a kick to the neck of Brazil’s Cunha.

Controversy of the Brazilian goalkeeper 2 times escaped the red card Is the referee biased?

Just 7 minutes later, Emerson Royal of Brazil was given an “early shower” when receiving a second yellow card. However, the crazy story did not stop when the next 2 red cards were drawn to Brazil goalkeeper Alisson Becker but both decisions were withdrawn.

The first situation took place in the 26th minute of the match. Alisson crossed outside the penalty area to clear the ball. At the same time, Elner Valencia of Ecuador also entered the dispute. The Brazilian goalkeeper had a jump to break the ball, but his legs were a bit high and he was … put on the opponent’s head.

The referee immediately blew the whistle and gave the goalkeeper a red card. However, the VAR team informed and referee Wilmar Roldan withdrew the decision and only gave Alisson a yellow card. The Brazilian goalkeeper also agreed with the referee and gave a thumbs up to show consent.

The second situation took place at 90+5 minutes. Alisson left the wooden frame to break the ball, but it seems that the goalkeeper punched the opponent in the head instead of punching the ball. The referee blew the whistle again and gave Alisson a second yellow card, which meant a red card and moreover, Ecuador received a red card.

However, the VAR team consulted the referee and Wilmar Roldan went out to watch the video in slow motion again. He watched quite closely and then decided Alisson hit the ball before colliding with the opponent’s player. The referee withdrew the yellow card and also withdrew the previous decision to blow the penalty.

A really crazy game and unfolded in a way no one could have predicted. Alisson had two “howling” times but was helped by the VAR team, so he escaped with 2 red cards. However, this goalkeeper probably needs to have a few words with his teammates, especially the Brazilian defenders.

It seems that having won tickets early makes Brazilian players play with a relaxed mentality and not too hard. In both of Alison’s awkward situations, his teammates stood around a lot, but almost no one had a protective attitude, protecting this goalkeeper from breaking the ball.

Di Maria scored a super product, Argentina beat Chile in the absence of Messi

Chile and Argentina entered the match on the Zorros del Desierto field with opposite positions. If the home team is thirsty for points to compete for a ticket to Qatar, the away team has officially won the right to attend the 2022 World Cup finals.

Despite the absence of superstar Lionel Messi, Argentina still played well and soon opened the scoring in the 9th minute. Angel Di Maria calmly escaped the obstructions of 3 Chilean players and then launched a spectacular left foot correction. far away from a distance of more than 20m.

Chile responded strongly after an early goal and it took only 11 minutes to equalize. Midfielder Marcelino Nunez hung the ball from the right wing for striker Ben Brereton Diaz to hit a dangerous header, equalizing the score 1-1.

In the open game, the level of the Argentine stars spoke at the right time. Rodrigo De Paul shot from a distance like a hammer, making goalkeeper Claudio Bravo struggling to save, Lautaro Martinez hit the back of the net to score Chile, making it 2-1 in the 34th minute.

In the second half, Chile put all its strength to attack, but the red shirt strikers proved ungrateful in front of the Argentina goal. In particular, striker Ben Brereton Diaz missed a tenth opportunity in the 90th minute when the shot missed after a mistake by defender Nahuel Molina.

A 2-1 victory over Chile helps Argentina continue to take second place in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers table in South America with 32 points after 14 matches and shortens the gap with Brazil to 4 points, after the top team was held by Ecuador. draw 1-1.

On the other side of the front line, Chile is 7th on the World Cup Qualifiers table of 2022 with 16 points after 15 matches, 4 points behind Uruguay’s direct ticket position and 2 behind Colombia’s intercontinental play-off position 2 the point

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