Argentina beat Chile away in the absence of Messi

Argentina beat Chile away in the absence of Messi

Before the match against Chile, Argentina was ranked second in the table with 29 points and won the right to attend the World Cup 2022. Therefore, the match with coach Martin Lasarte’s teachers and students was only procedural for the army. by coach Lionel Scaloni. However, Chile is still uncertain about the next stage. The home team has 16 points, standing in 6th place, 1 point behind the top 2 teams (Peru and Colombia) and still has the opportunity to win tickets to play in the play-off match to win tickets.

Argentina beat Chile away in the absence of Messi

With the position of the top team, Argentina scored the opening goal right when the audience at the Zorros del Desierto stadium could not sit warm. In the 9th minute, receiving a pass from Rodrigo De Paul in the right wing, Angel Di Maria calmly dribbled the ball a few more beats.

After that, the captain wearing the number 11 shirt calmly adjusted the ball, corrected the angle of the shot and launched a sharp cut. Di Maria drew a beautiful curve, causing the ball to go with an extremely dangerous trajectory, not giving Claudio Bravo any chance to block.

On the other side of the front line, Chile did not take too long to score an equalizer. In the 20th minute, Marcelino Nunez made a precise ball for Ben Brereton.

Despite receiving a high pass from his teammate wearing the number 10 shirt in a difficult position, but when he noticed that Emiliano Martinez was standing a bit high, the striker wearing the number 22 shirt suddenly decided to head it, instead of passing it to a bridge. other player.

Brereton’s bold choice was successful when the goalkeeper on the Aston Villa staff could only fly around and helplessly.

After Brereton equalized for Chile, the red shirt team only maintained the balance until the 34th minute. De Paul launched a long-range “cannonball” like a hammer that Bravo could not catch. Unlucky for Chile, the ball bounced off exactly where Lautaro Martinez was going after the 38-year-old goalkeeper saved De Paul’s long-range shot.

The striker wearing the number 22 shirt was just waiting for that, quickly kicking back to help Argentina take the lead for the second time.

After Martinez poked Bravo’s net, Chile immediately moved to the Argentine court to find an equalizer. The home team plays offensively with a high formation. When losing the ball, Chile is always actively close to the blue and white shirt players.

But the ability to press with high intensity of teachers and coaches Lasarte could not cause difficulties for Argentina. The “Samba Dancers” competed with ease, passing the ball back and forth in the home field. Argentina played slowly and prioritized defense to avoid conceding goals.

Albiceleste’s calm defensive play made Chile helpless in the process of getting on the ball. The red shirt’s offensive deployments were of relatively low quality and showed Chile’s stalemate.

Towards the end of the game, Argentina tried to buy more time by pretending to lie on the field and push the ball out of bounds when surrounded by the home players. In the end, Chile accepted a 1-2 defeat against Argentina.

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