An old deck of cards has just been sold for an exorbitant price: Over 2.3 billion dong

An old deck of cards has just been sold for an exorbitant price: Over 2.3 billion dong

A first-edition Pokemon deck from 1999 has just sold for US$107,010 (more than VND 2.3 billion) in an auction. The complete deck, which includes 103 cards, including a rare Charizard card, can be sold separately for up to $20,000, according to auction houses. In fact, a near-perfect replica of this card is currently for sale online with a bid price of $2,174.

An old deck of cards has just been sold for an exorbitant price: Over 2.3 billion dong

The deck for sale is a first edition Pokemon deck printed in English. Auction house Goldin Auctions says on its website that each card is rated “GEM-MT 10” – or “Gem Mint” – meaning “this set is absolutely perfect,” according to the agency’s assessment. Professional sports authentication.

Bidding prices initially start at $25,000, bidders then receive 12 bids before the auction closes on Saturday. These early version Pokemon cards can be individually identified by a small round black stamp on the bottom left of the Pokemon image, indicating they were part of the original 1999 release.

Goldin said some experts believe this Pokemon deck is one of the most expensive in the world right now. “For decades, the Pokemon card game that began in 1999 has remained a childhood staple for many, bringing back what seems like a lost art in a sense of nostalgia. antiquity,” said the auction house.

“For many, it signaled the end of the tangible toy age and the beginning of the virtual age, as no other item became as popular or iconic as Pokemon in the years following. there”, according to the auction house The auction house added that a similar set of Pokemon cards were sold during the December 2017 sale for close to $100,000, adding that demand for complete first edition Pokemon decks is growing. continue to increase.

Pokemon was first known to the public in 1996. 20 years after its first launch, Pokemon is causing a fever like never before, a fever that has a wide coverage from East to West and shows no sign of slowing down. Why can Pokemon be so “brilliantly revived”? From a feverish game that blends real and virtual worlds

Japan has produced many cultural specialties in the field of comics and animation, such as Sailor Moon, the robot cat Doremon, the cat Hello Kitty… But perhaps none of the characters caused fever on a large scale. like… Pokemon at the present time.

Browsing through international newspapers, these days, the video game that blends the real and virtual world – Pokemon Go – is making young people around the world feverish. Before Candy Crush was “covered” all over the newspapers, now Pokemon Go is also “storming” like that.

From New York (USA) to Tokyo (Japan), a wave of people engrossed in playing Pokemon Go is making the media impossible to ignore. On American streets, people playing with their mobile phones to search for and capture Pokemon are not uncommon, even tending to appear “plentiful” on the streets.

Anytime, anywhere, the image of Pokemon Go players passionately, engrossed in finding and capturing Pokemon is becoming a phenomenon exploited by international newspapers.

Never before have the images of Pokemon, Pikachu, Poke Ball … appeared so much on newspapers from East to West. On the sidelines of the craze that the Pokemon Go game is creating, there is another story about the enduring vitality of a cultural icon from Japan – the Pokemon – that has been conquering young people around the world. The vitality of Pokemon in the past 20 years

Pokemon is one of the dominant symbols in the cultural flow of Japanese youth. First appeared in Japan in 1996, this year is exactly 20 years since the birth of Pokemon characters, this series of characters is still continuing to conquer young people around the world.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the birth of Pokemon, walking on the streets of Japan, it will not be difficult to see images of dancing Pikachu at shopping malls.

If in the past, the commemorative activities for the robot cat Doremon or the cat Hello Kitty were mentioned more closely in international newspapers, in this year 2016, people witnessed a reversal of the currents. Pokemon, Pokemon has never been talked about so much, with new vitality being strongly extended.

Although less honored than other already famous characters like Doremon or Hello Kitty, in fact every year, video game products and Pokemon “follow-up” items sold around the world still bring home. for Nintendo – the company that owns the rights to the Pokemon – a huge amount of 4.6 trillion yen (98 trillion dong).

In Japanese cultural life, Pokemon are rare characters with lasting influence and vitality when “coming from” the game world, but continue to be exploited in other diverse art forms such as: comics, cartoons.

Animated series about Pokemon have made elementary school children in many countries engrossed in watching. The Pokemon card exchange game was also enjoyed by many boys. So far, Japan has produced 18 theatrical films about Pokemon and of course, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon coming to the Japanese public, this summer there will be a 19th film in theaters.

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