America Tens of millions of people flock to shopping malls

America Tens of millions of people flock to shopping malls

On November 26, people across the 50 states of the United States celebrate Thanksgiving every year with traditional activities such as family reunions and parties. Thanksgiving is also the beginning of the busiest shopping season of the year for Americans, starting with “Black Friday”.

America Tens of millions of people flock to shopping malls

Thanksgiving every year in the United States is observed on the fourth Thursday in November. President Barack Obama opened the holiday 2015 with the traditional ceremony of “pardoning” a pair of turkeys at the White House grounds. . Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season in 2015 started in the security context of the country was tightened amid fears terrorist threats similar spate of terrorist attacks bloody recently in Paris of France.

To reassured the American people, speaking when performing the “pardon” ceremony for the turkeys, President Obama expressed sympathy for the people’s concerns, reminded them to be vigilant, but affirmed that the government did not receive it. any information about terrorist threats against the United States.

Immediately after the sumptuous Thanksgiving feasts, from the evening of November 26, tens of millions of Americans flocked to shopping centers in the hope of buying the most discounted goods in the world. years, such as TVs, computers, phones, clothes, toys, and home appliances… The reason “Black Friday” appeals to Americans is because most items are discounted from 30% to 50%, even items up to 90% off. In front of stores like the electronics store Best Buy, from 3pm on November 26, buyers lined up with dragons and snakes, wrapped in blankets against the cold, waiting for their luck at the moment they opened at 6pm.

According to estimates by the National Retail Association (NRA), during the four-day Thanksgiving weekend and “Black Friday” about 68 million Americans will go to shopping centers and supermarkets. Total consumer spending during the 2015 shopping season, which runs from “Black Friday” November 26 to New Year’s New Year January 1, 2016 is estimated at $617 billion, up 4.1% over the buying season. 2014

UK: Consumers spend £1.4 million per minute on shopping

In the UK, without waiting for “Boxing Day”, which is the strongest promotional discount day of the year on the occasion of the Gifting Day taking place on the day after Christmas, consumers “fog island” are ready to open their wallets. for the biggest shopping occasion of the year – “Black Friday” November 27 and “Cyber ​​Monday” (Online Shopping Day) November 30, when retail groups across the country heavily discount all items to kick-start Christmas shopping season this year.

Although originating in the US, but now, “Black Friday” has become the biggest-grossing shopping day in the UK after Amazon brought “Black Friday” to the UK a few days ago. 5 years.

According to a forecast by Visa Europe, UK consumers will spend almost £2 billion shopping on this day, of which around £721 million is online and £1.19 billion is in-store, up 17% and 1.19 billion respectively. 4% more than this occasion in 2014.

To put it more simply, Britons are estimated to spend around £83m per hour, £1.4m per minute or over £23,000 per second on shopping during the day.” Black Friday”. The average British person will spend £31 shopping on “Black Friday” this year. Ebay predicts that 9 million UK consumers will visit its website this day, ordering 25 items per second on average.

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