A variety of white colors captivate people’s hearts

A variety of white colors captivate people's hearts

From the Cruise/Resort 2020 collections, we have witnessed the impressive landing of the white trend in many creations from famous fashion houses. Just like black, white can never be missing in anyone’s wardrobe. White color brings tenderness, lightness and serenity that no other color can replace. Even with luxurious designs for dinner parties or big events, white tones can also create a very special highlight for the wearer.

A variety of white colors captivate people’s hearts

In the Spring Summer 2020 fashion season, fashion houses continue to exploit the pure beauty of white through their creations. Presented in a variety of materials, shapes, and different shades of white have conquered the discerning eyes of fashionistas all over the world.

And to adorn the style of fashionistas who are passionate about white, fashion houses bring a series of very unique suggestions, creating expensive accents for more impressive outfits. Let’s take a look at these suggestions together with Beauty online!

1. Companion for simple dates

This “white-on-white” style is suitable for any time and occasion you need, from important events, business meetings, to shopping days or appointments. brunch with friends. To be suitable for simple everyday fun, a little tip is that girls should choose simple items, to look comfortable and not “over-dressed”. Items such as T-shirts, wide-leg pants, combined with an oversized sweater and a white tone will be a fitting and trendy whole. Then complete the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and other light accessories. As a result, you will have a bold “chic” and comfortable outfit to fit down the street.

2. A great assistant for important appointments

For important events such as a dinner date at a luxurious place, a wine party, a meeting for work, white-on-white is a style born to serve these formal dates. To look stylish when wearing, the first thing you should know is that you will wear a one-piece, skirt or jumpsuit, or two-piece, top with pants or skirt. Then start shopping, choose the right items for your choice, also don’t forget to pay attention to the fabric and the fit so you can mix and match the items in the most beautiful way. Once you’ve found a dress, jumpsuit, or outfit that you like, consider outer-wear, like a trench coat or blazer. Accessories are the last step but also very important to contribute to the outfit more trendy. High heels, clutch bag, or crossbody bag,and jewelry are indispensable things.

3. Savior for hot summer days

White is always the most popular color every summer, because it brings a feeling of light and coolness to the viewer. The simplicity and ease of dressing make white a color that is often thought of when women go shopping for the summer. It’s really very simple when it comes to all-white summer outfits, a white maxi dress, a lace jumpsuit, or a set consisting of a crop top and white shorts for a dynamic and sporty look. Accessories can include white sneakers, baseball caps, and other jewelry.

4. Bold “autumn-winter” with perfect white tones

This winter, instead of choosing black as the main color, why don’t you try white? A bright color, especially for this season, will make you stand out from the crowd, a chic “snowflake” in cold weather. However, compared to colder weather, it is necessary to wear layers of clothes, right? Especially when wearing all white, you should pay more attention to the coordination so as not to look like a “blob of cotton”. A small but trendy tip for your outfit is to try wearing your “white-on-white” outfit with many different white tones. Maybe you’re wearing a bright white outfit on the inside, but an ivory-white shirt on the outside, or vice versa. Thus, the all-white outfit looks very sophisticated without being boring.

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