7 outstanding fashion trends in the first half of 2021

7 outstanding fashion trends in the first half of 2021

The first half of 2019 is highlighted by diverse fashion trends. It is a unique intersection between high fashion and street culture. Or new definitions of futuristic fashion. If you pay closer attention to the fashion trends that flourished in the first half of this year. Who knows, you’ll see a lot of cool things.

7 outstanding fashion trends in the first half of 2021

1. Casual Suit

Up to now, we are not too unfamiliar with the image of oversized suits. Bringing the classic retro design that has stormed the fashion market in recent years. However, over time, the classical strict rules of tailoring gradually disappeared. Instead, there are new creations and highlights from fashion houses. Now, the way of thinking that a suit is only suitable for formal occasions is gone. With the Spring-Summer 2019 catwalks, men’s fashion is aiming for images that harmonize elegance and comfort. For example, the combination of Prada ‘s men’s suits and nylon hoodies on the Met Gala 2019 red carpet by male singer Frank Ocean. If you are interested in this fashion trend, loose suits will be a good choice.

2. Cargo pants

In recent years, when the trend of military fashion and futuristic fashion has returned. It is also the time when the cargo pants “wake up” among young people in general and the fashion world in particular. Becoming a mainstream item in most fashion styles such as techwear, darkwear, utilitarian, etc. The pants with a modern and flexible box pocket design are being favored by brands and fashionistas. For catwalks or fashion collections this year. There are many brands that have launched cargo pants designs that are both comfortable, flexible, and impressive, “playable”.

3. Neck pouches

From the Fall-Winter 2018 collections, neck bags have gradually become a prominent fashion trend. They explode all over the street fashion week and show no signs of cooling down. With many notable designs, Jacquemus, Fendi and Valentino brands are three of the top picks when it comes to these neck bags. Neck purse, or neck bag has a simple and convenient design. Its thinness and flatness also ensure lightness and sophistication. It does not make the spirit of the outfit as heavy as the chest rig bags.

4. Satin shirts (Satin shirts)

Silk shirts and the trend of shiny, luxurious materials are gradually redefining the concept of men’s fashion. No more ephemeral, outdated definitions of the image of a son. Now, the boys are able to freely wear outfits that celebrate the glamor. Highlight your personal ego and unique vision.

Sies Marjan is a New York-based fashion brand known for its beautiful and glamorous fashion products. Like a long-sleeve Sander satin shirt. Named after creative director Sander Lak. Many attractive color combinations such as bubblegum, duck neck blue, toffee color, salmon red or red lipstick. Meanwhile, Ludocic de Saunt Sernin also favors a series of particularly brilliant fabrics. Aiming to highlight a little brilliance for my SS19 men’s fashion collection.

5. Iridescence Fashion Trends

Iridescent or iridescent colors, rainbow colors are pastel-based colors. Accompanied by changes in light, the color seems to change as well. Similar to oil on water. One of the highlights of Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton “launch” in last summer’s collection. The iridescent Keepall bag became the inspiration for this fashion trend to return. French street brand Wasted Paris has just launched a series of iridescent products for its Spring-Summer 19 collection. Fashionable items in the collection can be mentioned such as unisex tacticle vests, bucket hats and crop tops for women. female.

In addition, Sies Marjan has also developed a reflective fabric that looks like under normal light, it will take on a purple-brown color. And iridescent when taken with the camera flash. With creative, endless flying, the highlights, unique in color like this. Very potential to become a fashion icon of the times.

6. Pleated Pants

Not the classic pleated trousers you see. Pleated pants here refer to the thin folds that are folded around the body of Homme Plissé pants. A famous “child” of Japanese designer Issey Miyake. With an interesting black, green or mustard yellow color scheme. These pants gradually became a very well-received fashion trend in the first half of this year.

7. High heel boots

In addition to Chunky shoes, high heels are also a “storm” fashion trend in 2019. The name that promotes the design of high-heeled boots must probably refer to the Maison Margiela brand. Featuring the iconic split-toe boots. They are loved by many fashionista/fashionisto around the world.

Although the main product debuted as far back as 1988. It’s only been in the last few seasons that the brand has launched a men’s version of this design. If a pair of split-toed boots is a bit too much for you. Why not be more classic with boots from Our Legacy, a fashion brand from Sweden. The same minimalistic black and white color scheme.

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