5 jewelry trends from new york fashion week spring 2021

5 jewelry trends from new york fashion week spring 2021

New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 has officially ended. Now is the time to look back at fashion trends on the runway. Besides clothes, shoes and bags, the jewelry trend is also one of the notable points. From colorful gemstone jewelry. To the oversized bracelets. Or single earrings… are all outstanding jewelry trends that you should try in the new season.

5 jewelry trends from new york fashion week spring 2021

Forget about gold and silver jewelry. Designers have brought an explosion of colors and styles to spring 2020 jewelry. Ulla Johnson’s colorful petal earrings with colorful beads. Multicolored gemstone jewelry set by Brandon Maxwell and Anna Sui. Or the mix of contrasting color palettes on jewelry by Marc Jacobs and Ports 1961.

In the past time, the jewelry market has mostly focused on minimalist designs such as elegant multi-layer necklaces, but this fall, jewelry trends are extremely diverse. Fashion houses have taken advantage of sparkling motifs combined with sophisticated outfits, large floral details or “chunky” jewelry that seems to be inspired by Cleopatra’s clothes. When it comes to cute jewelry accessories, the message of the Fall Winter 2021 fashion floor is very clear: Bring the joy back! And the following 7 jewelry trends can make an impression when you wear this fall/winter.

Trendy chunky string matching

This year’s fall-winter jewelry trend is probably the combination of chain and chain. From the large chain necklaces combined with each other, it has become a unique trend for those who love the bunker, the way, but still exudes the aristocratic and luxurious look. This asymmetrical combination not only combines 2 necklaces together, but also can use necklaces and earrings in a sur tone style with an oversized size. It helps the user bring an extremely attractive style and charisma.

Tassel jewelry trend

Tassels have been a staple accessory for years, and they’re making a comeback in this year’s fall-winter jewelry trends. Designers like Bibhu Mohapatra and Ulla Johnson are also poised to return to the fashion scene. With layers of fringes of crystal and pearls dangling from your wardrobe, it is expected to return to glory next fall. It’s the “boho chic” style. Many tassel jewelry models are also attached with pastel beads or other metal or decorative pieces. And the more tassels the jewelry has, the more beautiful it will be.

Brightness of pearls

The designers have given us a few glaring suggestions for those who don’t believe that pearl jewelry is really back. At Prabal Gurung, pearl earrings with crystal details are worn with multi-layered necklaces. Mark Fast chose to combine teardrop pearl earrings with a warm teddy jacket for a sympathetic look. Pearls of different sizes are combined to become the highlight of necklaces, earrings,…for a very unique and sophisticated look. You can easily see the designs are somewhat strange but extremely attractive and still very elegant.


This fall, it is not difficult to recognize the presence of large jewelry. From oversized earrings to super-large pendants, the overall message of this season’s fashion floor is to make your “manifesto”. Instead of having to combine many pieces of jewelry, you just need to. To harmonize the overall outfit with just a pair of earrings like this is enough.

Chain React

The leash trend continues to storm in the Fall/Winter 2021 season, but with a slight variation. If previous seasons favored large chains, this season, designers have added slim chains, mixed in different sizes, not to mention the return of the “colorblock”.

Unique jewelry trends

Not only simple and popular models, unique jewelry styles have also become one of the most popular autumn and winter fashion trends. One can use images of hands, eyes or strange motifs to create an impressive accessory. There are even more jewelry pieces like charms applied to this trend. It makes a difference and is somewhat healing. The charm accessories often use feng shui stones such as crystal, jade, sapphire … to attach to that model.

Trend of gem jewelry

One of the hottest jewelry trends in 2021 may have to be the gemstone waterfall style, with all kinds of pieces that are formed in rows or mesh pieces to cover. One can use this style to make earrings, necklaces or even headbands and headscarves. The effect from these cascading gems is like a long flowing waterfall, bringing a luxurious and extremely classy beauty. It can be said that this type of trend is quite expensive, because it is necessary to combine many stones together to bring about the desired waterfall effect.

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